5G Kill Grid is Here – ConspiracyOz

This Clip is from 2018 but it is our Future…get ready Ppl for the Kill Grid – Mick Raven

Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations.

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Very important information you will hear nowhere else!
Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave all of us and
how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless
we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity.

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  1. More links to this Article – Mick Raven

    Australians need convincing on the benefits of 5G technology – Roy Morgan Research

    Canadian Doctors and Former Microsoft Canada President Warn About Grave Health Risks of 5G

    Law Firm Investigates Smartphone RF Levels Exceeding Federal Safety Limits and Coverup By Telecoms

    Man Documents Scores of Dead Bees Around ‘5G Towers’ in California

    And Investors profiting of the Kill Grid – Mick Raven

    How America’s 5G Revolution Just Opened a $12 Trillion Reservoir of Cash For Investors Everywhere


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