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Very Important to the Direction of Politics in Oz….ie the Voting System etc – Mick Raven

Chinese Australians


11th May 2019

Chinese Australians are one of the largest groups of Overseas Chinese people, forming the largest Overseas Chinese community in Oceania.

As a whole, Australian residents identifying themselves as having Chinese ancestry made up 5.6% of those nominating their ancestry at the 2016 census and numbered 1,213,903.

Since the 2000s, with the rapid development of Mainland China’s economy, there has been an explosion in the number of immigrants from Mainland China, which have frequently been Australia’s largest source of new immigrants since 2000.

In 2015-16 Mainland China (not including Hong Kong or Macau) was the second largest source of immigrants to Australia behind India. Those born in Mainland China are now the largest foreign-born population in Australia after those born in England.

Chinese immigration

Some Chinese immigrants in Australia have established special schools where the education system is built to resemble that of China, with results more focused on exams.

Some Chinese parents also choose to send their children to special training classes outside school, particularly Chinese schools

At the 2016 census, 509,555 people declared that they were born in Mainland China, 86,886 declared that they were born in Hong Kong,while 46,882 declared that they were born in Taiwan.


According to the census data collected in the last twenty years, among Australians with full or partial Chinese ancestry there has been a general decline of institutional religions (between 2006 and 2016, Buddhism fell from 24.1% to 15.7% and Christianity fell from 29.8% to 23.4%). In 2016, 55.4% of the Chinese Australians fit within the census category of “not religious, secular beliefs or other spiritual beliefs”, rising significantly from 37.8% in 2006.

These shiftings in religious demography may be due to the incoming of new immigrants from China who generally do not have a formal religious affiliation.

Chinese Australians and Hong Kong Australians also have an unemployment rate of 11.2% and 6.6% respectively. Both figures were higher than the national average of 4.9%

The total Australian population had a median individual weekly income of $466. Therefore, median weekly earnings for Chinese Australians are relatively lower than the population average.


And this… – Mick Raven

ABS Chinese New Year insights



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