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They (One Nation) fell for the oldest trick in the book…infiltration – Mick Raven

Undercover video reveals ‘entrenched bias’ against One Nation: Latham

In a video from Al Jazeera, One Nation chief of staff James Ashby and party leader in Queensland Steve Dickson sought millions in funding from the US gun lobby.

New South Wales One Nation Senator Mark Lathan says the pair made a mistake, but that reflection on ‘the extent of this entrapment’ is needed.

Mr Latham says the undercover work of the journalist ‘poisons’ democracy, and the ‘targeted’ incident reveals the ‘entrenched bias’ against One Nation.

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    The Whistle blower or Rat? – Mick Raven

    Peter Charley – Wikipedia

    Peter Charley (@petercharley3) | Twitter


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