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Email I received on Friday…interesting – Mick Raven

A New Generation Speaks Out Against Climate Madness
15th March 2019

While thousands of her classmates across the country will be skipping school to join green extremists in protesting for a ‘100 % renewable energy target’ that will destroy the electricity market and drive up your family’s power bills, our very own Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Summer Intern Joanne Tran won’t be joining them.

Featured in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, Joanne is part of a growing generation of high schoolers and young university students who are waking up to the lies peddled by wealthy, corporate-funded groups like GetUp!:

          ‘Climate change strike students need to learn basic economics’

“I am one of the millions of school kids around the world and in Australia who will not be marching today, and who instead choose to attend school. ‘Why? Don’t you care about the environment?’ many school pals and others have asked me. Well, consider this an open letter to both my schoolmates and the organisers of the protest about why I won’t be missing out on a day of my education to join them.

The School Strike for Climate claims that its goal is to send a message to the government to ‘save our future’. However the group’s real mission is to advance a progressive agenda against an innocent group of children.

At one time I, too, would have implicitly accepted this proposition at face value. This began to change once I read more widely on the topic and was exposed to new ideas after taking economics as one of my HSC subjects. For the first time in my school career, I started to hear about how important commodities such as coal, iron ore and LNG are to Australian industry and our nation’s output.

How could a country such as ours, benefitting immensely from the prosperity brought by exporting our natural resources to the rest of the world – including its poorest – forget that this is why we have such an enviable standard of living?

Yet these activists describe the very projects that built our nation, and which millions of us directly or indirectly depend on for our livelihoods, as ‘wrecking projects’. They do this while asking children to opt out of the education that they once benefited from, in order to protest the very things that helped create it.

A great education is a holistic one. An education that features both sides of the argument.

Those of us who speak our mind are increasingly intimidated into silence by the mob who have fallen prey to an agenda sold by activists and enabled by the very system that is supposed to prepare us for our futures.”

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