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Bill Gates is funding a group of Canadian scientists who now claim to be able to pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create gasoline with it. The bold claim by the scientists is being pitched as a way to fight climate change while simultaneously creating more usable fuel. Industry could use the gasoline to power cars, large trucks, and jet airplanes.

The company, Carbon Engineering, is working in a partnership with Harvard researchers. Last month, we published an article that connected Bill Gates to Harvard researchers who are nearing the launch of a project that will block the sun. There may or may not be a connection between the two projects. In this particular case, Bill Gates is one of a number of investors in Carbon Engineering.

The “clean energy” project converts a metric ton of CO2 into gasoline, according to the researchers who published their findings in the scientific journal Joule last Thursday. The researchers claim they only use air, hydrogen, and limestone during the CO2 extraction process, making it “environmentally friendly.”

“Until now, research suggested it would cost $600 per ton to remove CO2 from the atmosphere using DAC technology, making it too expensive to be a feasible solution to removing legacy carbon at scale,” David Keith, Harvard Professor and founder of Carbon Energy said in a statement. “We now have the data and engineering to prove that DAC can achieve costs below $100 per ton.”

The same researchers believe they could use similar technology to seal off greenhouse gases in the earth. To do so, the scientists would need to shoot gases into the earth.

A test plant in Squamish, British Columbia has already been carrying out CO2 extraction projects. The researchers believe the project can be scaled into a more global-format by 2021.

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