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Here’s Extensive list of links to the Energy Overlords that affect You, Australia and the World – Mick Raven

29th Dec 2018

Globalists own Mining Companies which control Energy companies.  Sustainability = Carbon Tax, which the Globalist companies pay plus they own programs to bank the Carbon Taxes that YOU will eventually pay…get it! – Mick Raven

Carbon pricing in Australia

A forecast by the Centre for International Economics predicted the housing construction industry could decline by 12.6% as a result of the carbon price.

Housing construction was expected to be significantly impacted by the carbon tax because new homes require cement, bricks, aluminium, and glass, which are all typically energy-intensive materials.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported it was investigating about 200 cases where customers had possibly been misled into paying excessive price rises falsely claimed to be as a result of the carbon tax.

Dairy farmers will be impacted because of higher power costs for milk processing.

Household bills were expected to rise by an average of around $5 per week. Energy retailer Synergy said the carbon price would result in a 7.1% rise to power bills.

GDF Suez (renamed Engie)

ENGIE – World Energy Actor

Engie – Wikipedia

Owner of Engie: State of France (24.10%) Blackrock 5.09%

BlackRock – Wikipedia

BlackRock’s attempts to model itself as a sustainable investor, one report shows that BlackRock is the world’s largest investor in coal plant developers, holding shares worth $11 billion among 56 coal plant developers. Another report shows that BlackRock owns more oil, gas, and thermal coal reserves than any other investor with total reserves amounting to 9.5 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions – or 30 percent of total energy-related emissions from 2017.

There you have it ppl, Globalists/Blackrock controlling Carbon pricing by controlling the Coal/Energy companies.

AGL Energy

AGL Energy – Wikipedia

Australian Gas Light Company – Wikipedia

After a combination of a merger and demerger with Alinta in 2006, it was replaced by AGL Energy

Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy – Wikipedia

Alinta Energy sold to Hong Kong’s Cheng family after IPO about-face – ABC News

Alinta Energy is an Australian electricity generating and gas retailing private company that is owned by Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (CTFE)

Alinta was acquired on 31 August 2007 by a consortium comprising Singapore Power International (SPI), the largest utility company in Singapore.

Singapore Power

Following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Australia, over 600 victims signed a class action lawsuit against SPI Electricity Pty Ltd, the electricity distribution company of SP AusNet, an Australian energy company that was 51% owned by Singapore Power.The lawsuit alleged negligence and breach of duty in the service and maintenance of powerlines controlled by them in the state of Victoria. In particular, the lawsuit alleged the power company negligently failed to fit a protective device on the power line, alleging that it contributed to it breaking and starting a bushfire in the Kilmore East area on 7 February 2009.

In 2015, Singapore Power dismissed and subsequently reported to Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau four employees: Ridhuan Ramli, Suffiandi Mohamad Suhaimi, Kutty Hassan and Jasman Tiron, who had suspectedly accepted bribes of between S$50 and S$450 for “not creating difficulties” for China Construction South Pacific during an installation inspection

Singapore Power – Wikipedia

Jemena Energy

Alinta LGA, an Alinta subsidiary, which on 4 August 2008 changed its name to Jemena. In 2014, State Grid Corporation of China acquired a 60% stake in Jemena, and the company’s name was changed to SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd (SGSPAA). The company continues to trade as Jemena.

Macquarie Generation

In September 2014, the NSW Government sold Macquarie Generation to AGL Energy for $1.5 billion

Macquarie Generation – Wikipedia

Delta Electricity

Delta Electricity – Wikipedia

In July 2013, EnergyAustralia acquired Delta Electricity

Energy Australia

EnergyAustralia (former name: TRUenergy) is an electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia that is owned by Hong Kong-based and listed CLP Group

CLP Group – Wikipedia

On 6 November 2015, it was announced that up to 300 jobs are in doubt after EnergyAustralia announced plans to close its call centre in Melbourne’s north-east (Mill Park) and move jobs to the Philippines after the Hong Kong owned company decided to cut costs

EnergyAustralia – Wikipedia

Origin Energy

Origin Energy – Wikipedia

Australia Pacific LNG, Queensland, Australia Origin Energy is a major shareholder together with US giant ConocoPhillips and China’s Sinopec

Stanwell Corporation

Stanwell Corporation – Wikipedia

Wesfarmers to develop $160 million Curragh North mine –

Wesfarmers – Wikipedia

Queensland government considers selling CS Energy and Stanwell

Report reveals a difficult year for Stanwell Corporation | Queensland Times

Qld power generator sues Wesfarmers

Globalists to run Stanwell in to the ground? – Mick Raven

CS Energy

CS Energy – Wikipedia

In 2001 the 810 megawatt Callide C Power Station was commissioned, doubling the generating capacity of the Callide site. Callide C was the first supercritical coal-fired power station in Australia. CS Energy owns Callide C in a 50/50 joint venture with InterGen.

Intergen – Wikipedia

Our Shareholders | InterGen

Woodside Energy

Woodside Petroleum – Wikipedia

Woodside Petroleum Limited company : Shareholders, managers and business summary

Verve Energy

Verve Energy – Wikipedia

The company was merged into Synergy in 2014.

Synergy (electricity corporation) – Wikipedia

Synergy – About us – News and announcements – Media releases

Synergy, The Last Energy company fully owned by Australian Tax payers? – Mick Raven

Gladstone Power Station

The plant was privatised in 1994. It is currently owned by a group, including Rio Tinto Aluminium, NRG Energy and other Japanese partners

Gladstone Power Station – Wikipedia

NRG Energy

NRG Energy – Wikipedia

Rio Tinto Group

Rio Tinto Group – Wikipedia

BlueScope Steel

BlueScope – Wikipedia


Alcoa – Wikipedia


Millmerran Power Station is owned and operated by InterGen, a multinational company owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and AIG Highstar Capital II, a private equity fund sponsored by a subsidiary of American International Group, Inc



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