Chemtrails NOT Debunked! – ConspiracyOz

Now that ‘Stratospheric Aerosol Injection‘ also known as Geoengineering is in the Public arena,

(MSM Presstitute media) news that the ‘Chemtrail/chemspray’ is debunked is rubbish.

Join the dots ppl – Mick Raven

1. Stories circulating since 2016 debunking ‘chem-spraying’ (that has been going on since 1998) is fake news.


Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program – IOPscience

Here’s What Scientists Really Think About ‘Chemtrails’ | HuffPost

Surveyed scientists debunk chemtrails conspiracy theory | UCI News | UCI

Science Officially Debunks Chemtrails, But the Conspiracy Will Likely Live On  – Smithsonian

Chemtrails conspiracy theory gets put to the ultimate test | New Scientist

My month with chemtrails conspiracy theorists | Environment | The Guardian

Chemtrails Debunked by Atmospheric Scientists – Seeker

2. These are the ‘Scientists’ that the Presstitute media refer to in their articles etc.

Steven J. Davis – Wikipedia

Mick West – Wikipedia – Metabunk? mmm I’m not surprised – Mick Raven

Gernot Wagner – Wikipedia – he wrote Climate Shock (2015) funny that – Mick Raven

David Keith – Wikipedia – David Keith also the founder of Carbon Engineering – Wikipedia  which incidentally is funded by none other than you guessed it, Mr ‘Dim the Sun’ Bill Gates the eugenicist – Mick Raven

Now do you really believe this one sided ‘mass debate’ the presstitute media is having…at your expense and health!

3. Here is the Good News

Dane Wiginton at Geoengineering Watch is keeping it real check out this video he released, plus Paul Mac at Australia & New Zealand Against Chemtrails & Geoengineering common sense ppl – Mick Raven

“Chemtrails” — How They Affect You and What You Can Do

Chemtrails IS ‘Geoengineering’ ‘Climate change’ IS Global warming – Mick Raven

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  1. More links to this Article, oh dear! – Mick Raven

    Chemtrails Aren’t the Geoengineering Debate We Should Be Having (Because They Aren’t Real)

    Solar geoengineering and the chemtrails conspiracy on social media

    Production of Sulfates Onboard an Aircraft: Implications for the Cost and Feasibility of Stratospheric Solar Geoengineering

    Mortality tradeoff between air quality and skin cancer from changes in stratospheric ozone

    Quantifying the impact of sulfate geoengineering on mortality from air quality and UV-B exposure

    Solar geoengineering as part of an overall strategy for meeting the 1.5°C Paris target
    Solar geoengineering as part of an overall strategy for meeting the 1.5°C Paris target

    Tailoring Meridional and Seasonal Radiative Forcing by Sulfate Aerosol Solar Geoengineering

    Stratospheric aerosol injection tactics and costs in the first 15 years of deployment

    The Risk of Termination Shock From Solar Geoengineering

    you want more? ok – Mick Raven

    Why I am proud to commercialize direct air capture while I oppose any commercial work on solar geoengineering

    The Keith Group

    Chemspraying IS Geoengineering and Climate change IS Global warming – Mick Raven


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