The Smart Autonomous Transport System is Coming – ConspiracyOz


I Noticed many stories popping up recently on our inability to drive transport, which will help to promote the ‘Autonomous Transport System of the Future’ – Mick Raven

Car crashes into house in Seaford in Melbourne’s south-east

Footage shows fight between driver and passenger before bus crashes off bridge in China

Firefighters extinguish bus fire on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Three Girl Scouts and an adult volunteer killed in hit-and-run while picking up rubbish along rural Wisconsin road

Northern Territory road toll at highest point in years, following deaths of two motorcyclists

Mother and son dead, three other family members fighting for life after head-on crash at Brimin, Victoria

Large car pile-up on expressway in China kills at least 14 people

Out-of-control truck crashes through McDonald’s carpark north of Wollongong

Taxi driver jailed over ‘horrific’ minibus crash that killed three Shepparton nursing home residents

Family’s anguished wait to tell man in a coma of wife and son’s deaths in Brimin horror crash

And just to rub it in….. – Mick Raven

Petrol prices surge 20pc this year, but analysts say not much can be done about it

Amen! – Mick Raven

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