Save the bees . Press Release

Save Bees

Simon Mulvany
Sep 5, 2018

After fighting honey laundering for the past three years we were disappointed but not surprised by the Fairfax media and ABC 7.30 report exposé this week which revealed up to 50% of honey sold at supermarkets in Australia has been found to be adulterated. We applaud Mr Robert Costa and the NMR testing that has exposed this food fraud that has jeopardised Australia’s food security.

We commend Coles and ALDI Australia for removing Chinese honey imports but are disgusted that Woolworths is persisting to sell adulterated honey.

We are also disappointed at the conduct of CapilanoHoney who have queried the independent accredited scientific laboratory test results.

We believe it was (in the very least) irresponsible that the Capilano corporation had not adopted the most accurate and reliable testing regime for the honey it sells and exports. It should now apologise to consumers and its beekeeper suppliers.

Imported adulterated honey has kept Australian honey prices artificially low which has been devastating for Australian beekeepers. A lot of this honey has been re exported meaning Australia is now considered a high risk country to buy honey from.

We join AHBIC and the Australian Government in calling for NMR testing of honey to become the standard.

NMR testing is scientifically sound.  It is already used in other parts of the food industry, such as testing fruit juices and wines. In honey, it can distinguish between the different types of sugars and detect other components that give honey its unique flavours. This means it can potentially be used to pinpoint the geographical location of honey.

Thanks to the ABC Australia who have comprehensively covered this topic. You can listen to me on radio national.

We have 85,000 signatures calling for country of origin on honey or a complete ban on imported honey.

Please continue to support your local beekeeper on the honeymap.

Personally I feel vindicated by the test results but am still being sued by Capilano Ltd in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

I don’t want to be in Court. I am the “defendant”.

I simply tried to speak up for the bees and the community in Australia.

Supreme Court Judge Dixon has warned me that without paid lawyers I am “swimming with sharks without a shark cage” (his words!)

Having my own professional lawyers helps me fight back. This costs money.

Judge Dixon says I will not get a JURY TRIAL if I do not have lawyers. And I want a JURY of common sense people in the community to decide this case.

Please send kind donations to:


Bendigo Bank
BSB 633000
Acc 153832084



Thanks for the support.

Simon Mulvany

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