World First – Court Case Ruled Excessive, Work-Related Use of a Mobile Phone Caused Brain Tumor


In a ruling handed down on April 11th, the court in the northern town of Ivrea, Italy awarded the plaintiff a state-funded pension as compensation for his brain tumour 

Trending past rumour, to a serious possibility, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), cell phones can possibly cause brain cancer!  Extensive studies from a team of 31 scientists across 14 countries reached the conclusion after extensive reviews from peers on cell phone safety.  Enough hard evidence was found to categorize personal long term exposure as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

In Australia, top neurosurgeon, Dr Vini Khurana who conducted a 15 month “critical review” of the link between mobile phones and malignant brain tumours, said using mobile phones for more than 10 years could more than double the risk of brain cancer.

Aaron Leibovich, founder of Cellsafe, a Melbourne based company producing radiation reducing products for mobile phones is an advocate for workplaces protecting their workers with his radiation reducing products.  Mr Leibovich spent a year developing his latest technological breakthrough, a wafer thin (0.35mm) adhesive chip which significantly reduces mobile phone radiation and is suitable for virtually ALL smartphones.  “Our new Radi-Chip has been scientifically tested by accredited laboratories and has been proven to significantly reduce radiation to the head & body” he said.   

“All employers should seriously consider providing their employees with these products given the recent court rulings in Italy & Israel and the ongoing court case in Washington DC where 29 high-profile law suits are being brought about by people whose brain tumours were caused by their mobile phone are finally moving to trial.   The warning signs can no longer be ignored.”

The Radi-Chip is available in several versions to suit the most popular models of smart phones.

Mr Leibovich would like to see all Telco companies sell these products as standard accessories with their mobile phones.  He admits though, that the bottom line is no carrier wants to sell products that may allude to the fact that mobile phones are potentially dangerous.

“Israel and Japan require all mobile phones and mobile phone advertisements to include health hazard warnings, with Dubai and Malaysia set to follow,” he said.  The A court of appeals has upheld the recent Berkeley ‘Right to Know’ cell phone ordinance which requires mobile phone retailers in its city to display a warning at the point of sale on how to use their mobile phone safely.

Telstra customers recently received a text offering more information on Electromagnetic Energy (EME) and health, directing customers to their website and encouraging them to pick up an instore brochure.  Even manufacturers advise in their user manual to keep the phone a distance of not less than 1.5cm from the body, sure it may be in the fine print – but the warning is there.

“The problem is, it will take a couple of decades of exposure to see what damage has been done, and by then it will be too late.  Children are at greater risk of significant radiation into their brains as they have thinner skulls so penetration is deeper.  It beggar’s belief that some parents do not protect their children with a radiation reducing product such as ours on their phones.”

.Mr Leibovich said the new Cellsafe Radi-Chip had been scientifically tested in Australia by EMC Technology (a NATA accredited laboratory) and had been proven to reduce exposure to SAR radiation by up to 95%

Mr Leibovich remains hopeful the public will heed the warnings, and points to the fact that Dr Vini Khurana endorsed Cellsafe on his website.  “Sales of our Cellsafe products are strong, and continue to grow rapidly as people realise our product significantly reduces the amount of radiation absorbed into the brain.  Now with our new Radi-Chips we can cover a wide range of phones with this one small chip which is thin enough to fit under any mobile phone case. You won’t even know it’s there but will have peace of mind in knowing you are significantly reducing your exposure to mobile phone radiation”

For more information:

Aaron Leibovich

0413 777 755

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