We have triumphed. Coles to sell only Australian Honey

Simon Mulvany
Jul 5, 2018

From now on Coles will only sell authentic Australian honey.

Coles is no longer stocking Chinese syrups blended with Australian honey. Thank you everyone who has written to Coles , signed petitions, shared posts and refused to buy Chinese blends.

Like the beehive when we galvanise we have the ability to manifest change in the world.

Earlier this year utilising consumer pressure we achieved a ban on Bayer’s confidor (neonicotinoid), this year now Chinese blended honey products like Capilano’s subsidiary brand Allowrie will no longer be stocked at Coles.

We need to pile the pressure on Woolworths and ALDI Australia to behave with honour and remove Chinese blended honey from their shelves. If the government is too corrupt to act we will invoke change by boycotting greedy corporations.

Thank you Jodie Goldworthy from Beechworth Honey who has had a long relationship with Coles and been pressuring from within the system.

On behalf of all Australian beekeepers well done Coles you at last have done the right thing.



This is a good comment, now if we could just change those new ‘polka dot’ plastic bags at Coles – Mick Raven
Rodney Dickson

1 hour ago
I would you like CONGRATULATE you for the huge win and also for COLES taking the correct path, good on you all. It’s a shame our POLITICIANS Are TRAITORS to both Australia and Australians. It’s time to get out of the World Trade Agreement like USA has and protect our Australian Business’s, instead of them stuffing stuff in their back pockets. LOVE COLES & AUSTRALIAN HONEY Yahoooo..

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