One FLU over the Cuckoos Nest – ConspiracyOz

The Herd Insanity – Mick Raven

SA Government providing free flu vaccinations for children under five for the first time  – ABC News

Federal Government orders flu jab offer be made compulsory for aged-care staff  – ABC News

The Common sense minority – Mick Raven

No Jab No Pay No Way – Freedom of Choice

You Decide – Mick Raven

What’s In Your Flu Shot?  – Science Smithsonian

What’s Inside a Flu Shot? Formaldehyde and Chicken Eggs – WIRED

Vaccine ingredients – Oxford University

Flu Vaccines are Toxic –

Flu shot ingredients: What they contain and why –

Flu Shot Ingredients: What’s in It and Is It Safe? –

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  1. Ready for your FLU Spike? – Mick Raven


  2. These scumbags have been pushing these poisons on us one step at a time. I,am sick of it.


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