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Nothing to hide? Council set to introduce see-through bins


19 April 2018


How would you feel if your neighbours could see what you threw in the bin?

From next week transparent bins will replace green ones in a trial at homes in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Mindarie Regional Council came up with campaign, called Face Your Waste, to make people think more about how much rubbish they’re throwing away.

Gunther Hoppe, chief executive of the MRC, told ABC Radio Perth that the bins are intended as conversation starters.

Clear bins are set to be rolled out in selected homes in several Perth suburbs. Source: 7 News

“If you have lots of waste in your bin, we’d love people to have a conversation about reducing it,” Mr Hoppe explained.

“Or if someone has a little bit of waste in the bin – we’d love people to ask how their neighbour they manage to get the waste so low.”

Twenty selected homes in the council area will be given the bins on Monday, but they won’t be forced on anyone.

The campaign will last eight weeks with no plan currently in place for clear bins to permanently replace traditional green rubbish and recycling bins.

The council hopes the clear bins will start a conversation between neighbours. Source: 7 News



The council hopes the clear bins will start a conversation between neighbours. Source: 7 News

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  1. Thx to ozi@ozTruthseeker for this Article – Mick Raven

    Whats next, see – thru Brains? oh wait… – Mick Raven


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