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Good riddance Barnaby Joyce

Simon Mulvany
Feb 27, 2018


Good riddance Barnaby Joyce your corporate bias has done nothing for Australian bees or the Australian beekeeping industry.

You looked after your chemical loving monoculture mates and the live export industry but done nothing for Australian Beekeepers.

Our rivers are running dry and our land is being degraded with glyphosate and neonicotinoids.

These chemicals are killing our bees and contaminating our honey. Your greed is destroying Mother Earth.

Under your watch you ruined the Australian prawn industry and have put Australian bees at risk of disease through honey imports.
Australians are sick of leaders who make decisions that look after the corporate misogynistic boys club.

Stop doing favours for your mates Kerry Stokes and Capilanohoney CEO BenMcKee.

The decisions you make behind our backs while you spend tax money gorging like pigs at the trough on red wine and oysters effect all of us.
Under your watch you have allowed your mate Ben McKee to import millions of kilos of Chinese honey that doesn’t have to be tested or labelled as Chinese.

This cheap imported honey is diluting our honey and the wholesale price to Beekeepers .

The rich get richer and the Beekeepers get poorer.

We want leaders that work and listen to us not puppets for corporations.


Annette Mason

2 hours ago ago
Good riddance to the disgusting hypocritical leach …. just wish I could send it back to wherever it was spawned via a export death ship … would be so fitting

Wendy Johnson

24 hours ago ago
While Barnaby has been asleep at the wheel, billions on litres of water has been stolen from the Darling river, terrible imported honey, and the spraying of Glyphosate is killing the apiarist industry. Well done, Barnaby. Maybe a posting overseas for his great work?

Allan WARD

1 day ago ago
Undoubtedly the news yet – he condoned the theft of water that should be heading to South Australia.
the health of the Daring – Murray water systems has been seriously neglected under his watch. May he never return to the Ministry, or even better pack his bags and never be seen in public life again.

Graeme s

3 days ago ago
Bananaby only lost some of his rorts. He’s not been held to account for any of them. The damage continues. The Barnyard stink remains.

Ed O’Brien

4 days ago ago
But he isnt gone Simon! Be thankful that there was a Nationals member as Minister for Ag. A lib would have sold out long ago being free wheeling economic rationalists.
Ever considered setting up your own party? How about the Bee Team?
If you got a seat in the lower house you could tell Mr Barnaby to his face what you really think of him.

Graeme s

3 days ago ago
What? Nats are just Libs in drag. Dragged along willingly, obligingly. Don’t let their make up fool you!

Rosemary Frood

4 days ago ago
I hope the incoming Deputy Prime Minister is aware of just how much ordinary Australians are now noticing and caring about what is being said and done by politicians. Food labelling, water theft and licensing of all kinds are increasingly important to ordinary voters who are less rusted on now.

Ed O’Brien

4 days ago ago
Which party brought in the new country of origin for food labelling?
So much better than the previous system.


4 days ago ago
Time to start screening politicians the way Turnbull is proposing to screen migrants!

Garrick Carpenter

4 days ago ago
I agree with the comment of Neil Phillis

Neil Phillis

4 days ago ago
Pray God that his replacement’s brain is truly for Australia and Australians.

Laraine Redman

4 days ago ago
Keep up the good work.

Lesley Hicks

4 days ago ago
I would mention that it was under Barnaby’s watch that he initiated our donkeys for live export to China for their supposed aphrodisiac properties where these poor animals are subjected to the most inhumane death but the farmers should also be held accountable because they know what happens to our farm animals sent overseas.

Jan McMahon

2 days ago ago
You are so right Lesley. Look at what happened to our sheep and cattle in the live export trade he allowed the criminal exporters to sell our animals out of the supply chain rules to be slaughtered in the street. He is a grotesque dishonest moron.

John Loughton

5 days ago ago
Simon you forget to rip into him/ them also for their endless Geo-Engineering Chemtrail spraying day n nite 20 million tons per year that is also destroying the prestine Enviroment. The Aluminum & Strontium from that is also killing everything & has caused the No 1 death in the world today due to Alzeimers & Dementia it is also causing people

C Raymond

5 days ago ago
Well said Simon, I have to concur with your assessment.

Christopher Moody

5 days ago ago
This is what happens when people who are ill equipped to hold office are elected by well a meaning but ignorant electorate, worse yet, these elected “wannabe’s” worm their way in to positions they are not qualified to hold. It will happen again.

Mark Kelly

5 days ago ago
Well said.

Deb Macleod

5 days ago ago
ABSOLUTELY AGREE TOO! Good riddence Baaa-naby, you have not helped our hard-working Aussie Bee Keepers one little bit but instead propped up the Lying Big Importers of poisonous yellow slime labelled “honey” by Crapilano. We must start supporting our local real honey growers in Aus and save our bees from extinction!

Damian Wilson

5 days ago ago
Simon you are too kind to Barnaby Beetrooter ! He who at our expense philander his way round parliament as did the Seven Media boy at shareholders expense and the blessing of Stokes. The fact that these people undermine the financial not to mention moral standards of this country so as to make $$$s merely compounds the offence. Shane Dowling and you call them for what they are and unfortunately media turn a blind eye as does Malcolm Turnbull.

Deanne Abrahams

5 days ago ago

Michael Byrne

5 days ago ago
Yes I agree very much, good riddance Barnaby

Linda Summer

5 days ago ago
Well said, Simon. Nailed it.

Christine Hay

5 days ago ago
OMG I did not know this but I don’t know if the new leader will be any better let’s hope so Simon thank you

Rodney Wetherell

5 days ago ago
I agree that despite trumpeting his support for Australian agriculture, he has done nothing for beekeepers by allowing the importation of Chinese honey which is not even labelled as such. I became heartily sick of Joyce as a politician and am glad to see the last of him as leader. Let’s hope the new Deputy Prime Minister has growers and beekeepers more at heart, not just the big corporations.

Bronwyn Pozzecco

5 days ago ago
I had no idea. No sympathy for Barnaby whatsoever. Wonder if his successor might improve things. Not sure he will.

heather Wass

5 days ago ago
imperative to look after our farmers and food producers, and buy locally made

laurel haskell

5 days ago ago
Let’s hope the new leader of the Country Party DOES have the interest of our Country at heart..definitely too much pressure from the CEO’s of this land.

John Ratke

5 days ago ago
I too am glad to see the end of Baaaaaaaanaby Joyce.
Hope Labour investigates his travel expenses and he has to quit parliament. He has no empathy for the land , animals or environment.

Janice Summers

5 days ago ago
Could not agree more. Keep up the good works Simon.

Richard Marschall

5 days ago ago
Yup, nailed it on the head.

lynn mclaughlin

5 days ago ago
Agree wholeheartedly

john adamson

5 days ago ago
no surprise in what you say what he has done for big cotton he would do for big honey …it is a pity that people will still elect someone of his calibre

Karl Schaerf

5 days ago ago
And while we’re all at it, read Rachel Carson’s prophetic words in her wonderful book, “Silent Spring”, published more than 50 years ago. She not only researched the impact of chemicals on benign insects, but predicted what might well yet become the reality.
We ought also be calling upon dear Barnaby’s mates, in government in NSW with their coalition mates, the Libs, to repeal their vile, irresponsible, “Mickey Mouse” Biodiversity and Conservation Act. Failure to do so will spell the end of many remnant stands of natives trees and shrubs, impacting not only apiarists, but the whole ecosystem and those, including us, “Stupid White Men” (to borrow MIchael Moore’s description of us), dependent upon it.

Keelah Lam

5 days ago ago
Please let’s pray his successor is not of the same ilk


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