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 This arrived in my email recently, likely suspects – Mick Raven

The Workplace of the Future is Agile

Every business in every industry is facing the challenge

of rising user expectations.Emerging competitors are disruptive,
nimble and more than ready to welcomecustomers
frustrated by companies that can’t keep pace.The only way
forward is digital innovation that makes the impossible simple.
With the right investment, you can mobilise your workforce
and empower customers to engage the way they want,
on their own terms.

Windows 10 Business Utilisation

Are you realising the full potential of your Windows 10

deployment? Used correctly,this revolutionary
Microsoft update creates better employee experiences,
lowers costs and serves as a foundation for transforming
business processes.Take our short quiz to determine
if you’re taking full advantage of this tool.See what else Windows 10 can do for your business

Drive Your Office 365 Deployment

Explore key issues around the planning and deployment of Office

365,including risk and costs, infrastructure requirements,
security considerations,implementation approaches and the
central importance of the user experience.Plus, learn the
five steps to creating a successful end-user experience.Make the most of your Office 365 investment

Network Rail Supported by a Mobile-First Transformation

With support from DXC, the U.K.’s Network Rail transformed from a

paper-based operation to a digital enterprise with a mobile-enabled
Our innovativemobile solution helped this company optimise
business processes across 13,000 devices,realise 40 percent
cost savings and drastically reduce paperwork.See how we got it done

Discover How DXC MyWorkStyle Empowers People, Enables Productivity

DXC MyWorkStyle puts the power of the modern enterprise at your

employees’fingertips. Discover how one solution gives users a
consumer-likeexperience that suits a variety of needs and work styles,
enablinginstant collaboration without putting enterprise security at risk.Empower your employees


Meet the New Digital Workplace

Workers want a consumerised experience —
with more choice,more convenience and more connectivity.
Discover how today’sIT organisations can make “magic”
by aligning technology with experience.

So I looked ’em up – Mick Raven

and lo and behold….





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