January 26th Cancelled..Get back to Work! – ConspiracyOz

If Australia Day is moved to January 1st then we lose another Public Holiday, whats next ANZAC Day, Queens B’Day, Easter, Christmas, Sundays? – Mick Raven


Australia Day – Wikipedia

There is nothing to celebrate about Invasion Day – The Brag

The terrible, intoxicating lie of Australian patriotism – The Brag

Cory Bernardi wants to use an artist’s work, but does the artist have any say? – ABC News

Down Under singer Colin Hay slams Cory Bernardi’s alternative music countdown – ABC News

‘Left-wing activists’ to blame for end of Fremantle’s Australia Day fireworks – ABC News

Anzac Day – Wikipedia

Gallipoli Campaign – Wikipedia

Becoming a republic could solve Australia Day dispute – ABC News

Queen’s Birthday 2018https://publicholidays.com.au

Queen’s Official Birthday – Wikipedia

Public holidays in Australia – Wikipedia

Remember the Globalists want to cancel ALL holidays they want 24/7 workdays to run the Global Slave economy – Mick Raven

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  1. And so for Big Brother who read every word you write do not delete my comments in future this is my right because it dose not concern you this is how I think .Yes we now have a stuffed country where poofters rule and the normal people do not have a say and we are destroying our children’s way of life , our children are not safe to walk the streets because of the increase in Pedi-files who now feel it safe to come out of hiding and who roam the streets looking for the innocent who wait at bus stops to catch a school bus, because of the likes of Jim Cairns , Junie Marosi, Don Dunston along with women’s rights allowing the Leso’s and homo’s to come out of the wood work Yes we do have a sorry old Australia , but I will not change it for the sake of a few who think that we invaded them No I say lets leave Australia Day where it is we don’t need any more change !
    The Fake News Media should keep right out of this one ! go find the truth to tell and not Bull Shit we don’t need anymore crap.


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