Police stopping and photographing kids on the streets ‘illegal’, say civil libertarians

18th Jan 2018

Photo: A police officer records the details of a boy who was walking the streets of Mount Isa. (ABC News: Harriet Tatham)

A police operation to photograph and question unsupervised children on the streets of Mount Isa is illegal and should be stopped, according to civil libertarians.

Queensland’s Civil Liberties Council will ask the state’s privacy commissioner to investigate the operation, as politicians suggest the initiative could be expanded to other regional cities.

As part of Operation Tucson, children wandering the streets in the north-west Queensland mining town are being stopped, photographed, and in some cases driven home by Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers.

Officers record the child’s name, address, clothing and where they are going.

Queensland Civil Liberties Council vice-president Terry O’Gorman said he will send a submission to the Privacy Commissioner tomorrow morning, asking them to investigate.

“Police do not have the power, and should not have the power, to willy-nilly walk down the street, take photographs of people and put them on the major Queensland Police Service database,” Mr O’Gorman said.

“Stopping children, particularly Aboriginal juveniles, in the street at 2 o’clock in the afternoon simply to ask them what they’re doing is beyond the law, it’s illegal and it should be stopped.

Photo: A twelve year-old Mount Isa child is asked about his evening, before being driven home by police. (ABC News: Harriet Tatham)

“It’s also very bad for juvenile and police community relations.”

Mr O’Gorman is concerned about how the photographs will be used by the QPS.

“They must be being put on a police database: that’s the equivalent of these youths, many of whom have never committed a criminal offence, having a criminal record,” he said.

In the three weeks the operation has been running, officers have stopped children 500 times.

Photo: Mr O’Gorman is concerned about how the photographs will be used by police. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)

Queensland Police said the photographs will be kept confidential, and won’t be shared with other agencies or bodies.

“We respect the rights of individuals, and most times people are very supportive and cooperative of what we do,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Kev Guteridge.

“We’ll try and link [the data] back to other offences that may have been reported to identify those people as either offenders in other offences, or more importantly clear their name if they weren’t responsible.”

“We’re out there trying to protect the community — if there was anything sinister involved we certainly wouldn’t be involved in that.”

Calls to expand operation

It comes as two far north Queensland MPs back the idea of running a similar operation in Cairns.

Federal Government Liberal MP Warren Entsch said the operation in Mount Isa “makes a lot of sense”.

“I don’t know how you can justify children as young as eight years old roaming the streets at 10 o’clock at night … other than they’re there for mischief, or their parents can’t control them,” he said.

There is growing community concern in Cairns over car thefts, with a record 767 cars stolen in the past year.

Photo: Police said at least five young people were in this stolen car when it crashed in early 2017. (ABC News: Frances Adcock)

“I have never seen so many destroyed motor cars on the side of the road as I have in the past 12 months … it’s predominantly kids that are stealing these cars and destroying them,” he added.

State Cairns MP Michael Healy was on Thursday calling for the program to be rolled out in Cairns.

“There’s an element of frustration in the community that would guarantee an activity like that would be favourable, I personally would support it,” Mr Healy told the ABC.

“What we’re doing at the moment based on the amount of cars that have been stolen in the last 12 months isn’t working, or it’s certainly not coming to fruition.”

“There are policies that this government has put in place, but these are longer-term policies and they’re going to take time to work, we need to have immediate responses.”

Within hours Mr Healy walked back the comments, cancelled a planned interview and released a statement saying the Government was “serious about tackling crime in Cairns”.

Queensland Police said nothing was off the table, but the response to local issues would be determined on a case-by-case basis.

“What we’ve seen out in Mount Isa sadly is a group of young people between the ages of seven and 13 who are being left unattended, not supervised properly, and getting into mischief,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Guteridge said.

“The instances that we’ve seen in Cairns are actually more adult offenders or older teens that are involved in highly mobile crime as a result of what they’re doing, so a one size fits all approach to crime won’t work.”

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  1. Lets stop all this b s and start to clean up our streets , The police need to photo any strays running around who do the crime and do not expect to do the time because of colour. these are mostly refugees’ lets not delay send these people back , and if their parents breed these mongrels then send the whole lot packing back to their worn torn countries , Grow up Australia and stop being afraid to do the right thing , I for one don’t need this crap !!


  2. I for one am in favour of keeping Australia day on the 26th and don’t believe we owe anyone an apology, they were lucky the japs never gained control of this country , my father fought for Queen and country , I later fought for the control of the commies and what a joke that turned out to be this is our flag and I would not change it we should be one nation ,


  3. We had these do gooders giving the criminal the best of both worlds I say bring back the Death Penalty for the Drug Dealers, Murderers, Terrorists , Cut the nuts out of the sex offenders and lets start to bring some Law and Order into our country I for one am sick to death of young criminal getting away with murder and laughing at the police who are trying to do a job and protecting the innocent of our once great country, its time for a change , any politician who cannot handle the heat in the kitchen then leave and give the job to someone who can , we don’t need high paid dollies who use the wealth of our country to fill their own pockets .My car was rear ended by a young thug , I had to fix the car myself with no compensation . So wake up Australia


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