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Russian Burger King want IT banned because Pennywise looks like Ronald McDonald
27 Sep 2017

IT Ronald

The Russian operation of burger chain Burger King has filed a complaint to ban the box-office hit It from cinemas across the country because Pennywise the Dancing Clown looks eerily similar to their rival McDonalds’ mascot, Ronald McDonald.

And Burger King reckon the film may be considered free marketing for the chain.


Because what all cinemagoers to It will think after watching the film is, ‘yes that reminded me of Ronald McDonald, I must get a Big Mac’.

In the complaint, filed last week and obtained by Russian financial publication Vedomosti, Burger King claimed ‘the protagonist of the movie is an exact copy’ of Ronald McDonald, ‘including the color range and the [balloons] with which the clown lures children.’

The company fear that Pennywise will therefore violate the country’s advertising laws; Andrey Kashevarov, deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service told publications however that ‘as for the presence or absence of product placement, if it is organically inscribed in accordance with the norms of the law, then this is not advertising, but before giving the final answer, we must also film look, and analyse the arguments’.

After years of back and forth the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King’s It hit cinemas in September, and was a runaway success, becoming the biggest horror movie in US box office history.

Starring Bill Skarsgard as the titular It, the film is based on Stephen King’s 1986 book about an inter-dimensional demon who terrorises young teens in the town of Derry.

Does this mean that Gene Simmons from KISS and Alice Cooper will sue as well? – Mick Raven

IT Gene  IT Alice

Tim Curry as Ronald, woops I mean Pennywise – Mick Raven

IT Tim Curry

Ronald as Pennywise, woops I mean Ronald – Mick Raven

A Ronald McDonald statue outside an McDonald's outlet.

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