B.O.M. Weathering the Truth? – ConspiracyOz

Maximum 40 degrees for Sydney at 12.15pm on the 7th Jan 2018? when its 41.6? – Mick Raven

bom 40 degree 12.15pm 7th jan 18

Maximum still 40 degrees for Sydney at 4.15pm on the 7th Jan 2018…no update? – Mick Raven

Bom 40 degree2 4.15pm 7th jan 18

then this? – Mick Raven

Sydney weather: BOM forecasts 45C in parts of city as heatwave takes hold

7th Jan 2018

BOM Lies.jpg

and then these headlines sprang up! – Mick Raven

Penrith records highest ever temperature

Sydney hits its highest temperature recorded since 1939 with Penrith reaching 47.3C – ABC News

Yesterday Sydney was the Hottest Place on Earth – National Geographic

Sydney clocks the hottest place on Earth as hot weather continues – Sydney Morning Herald

But was it really the ‘Hottest day ever’ in Penrith on the 7th Jan 2018…then the truth from you guessed it…B.O.M. – Mick Raven

BOM Lies2

1939…well I never and of course who can forget this ‘Alarmist’ report from the ABC News recently – Mick Raven

Sydney, Melbourne urged to prepare for 50C days by end of century – ABC News

Sorry B.O.M. you need to beat records from Meka Station WA, 50 degrees…plus – Mick Raven


BOM Lies3

Weathering the Truth eh! – Mick Raven










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