are corporate puppets.

Simon Mulvany
Jan 1, 2018


Jan 1, 2018 — CHOICE have underestimated Australians. Choice for the last 5 years have chosen to be deceptive by not to giving a comparison on honey. Choice falsely tout themselves as independent when they are actually industry funded.

Savethebeesaustralia awarded choice magazine it’s shonky awards in 2015/2016 and they deserve the title in 2017. Choice is still yet to give credit to companies that only sell Australian honey such as Beechworth Honey, Archibald Honey , Pure Peninsula Honey and Fewsters Farm Honey. Choices article on the honey industry reads like a infomercial for a major honey importer.

Choice attempted to interfere with a savethebees petition created on

The petition with over 45000 signatures calls for compulsory country of origin on honey. Fortunately maintained their integrity and informed savethebees about choices attempted interference. Eventually I spoke to Erin Turner head of campaigns and policy. Rather than discuss concerns about the honey industry or offer their testing facility to test supermarket honey Erin threatened me with litigation.

In the past Choice were vehement on corporations that refuse to label with country of origin but Choice refuses to expose the Australian Honey packers that launder honey from overseas by diluting Australian honey with Chinese honey.

I questioned Erin Turner from Choice.

Why has Choice refused to expose honey packers that blend Australian honey with Chinese honey and brands that do not label with country of origin?

Why has Choice not named packers like Beechworth and Fewster’s Farm honey that refuse to import honey?

Choice has its own testing facility why have choice not tested imported supermarket honey?

Why has choice not tested for GMO chemicals like Glyphosate or neonicotinoids in honey?

Why has choice not done a comparison of different honeys on the market?

Is choice aware Australian Certified Organic certify imported honey as organic without testing it?

Choice you have lost your integrity we are not mindless consumerists you have been banking on. Choice Australians are furious and won’t be tricked into buying foreign honey or subscribing to your magazine.

Please share this post to expose corporate puppets Choice .

You can buy local honey direct from the Beekeeper on the honeymap.

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