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The Death of Christmas just around the corner?…or more public holidays to be cancelled, mmm maybe ‘Globalists day’ or ‘NWO Celebration Day’ in stead of NYE? – Mick Raven

Christmas –

Robyn J Whitaker
What history really tells us about Jesus’ birth – ABC News

While there is nothing wrong with the devotional piety of Christian tradition, a white-washed nativity scene risks missing the most radical aspects of the Christmas story.

The Jesus described in the Bible had more in common with the children of refugees born on Nauru than the majority of Australian churchgoers. He too was a brown-skinned baby whose Middle-Eastern family was displaced due to terror and political turmoil.

Christmas, in the Christian tradition, is a celebration of God becoming human as a gift of love. To enjoy adorable, albeit a-historical, nativity plays and all the other wonders of the season is one way of delighting in this gift.

But if we nostalgically focus on one baby whilst ignoring the numerous babies who suffer around the world due to politics, religion and poverty, we miss the entire point of the Christmas story.

Robyn J Whitaker is Bromby Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Trinity College and a lecturer at the University of Divinity. She is an Ordained Minister of the Uniting Church.

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  1. We wish you a ‘Merry Globalist day’ and a Happy ‘New World Order year’!! haha – Mick Raven


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