Burkes Backyarns…yawn – ConspiracyOz

Who’s next I say, those without sin cast the first stone! whats this …silence?

Its on Ppl, the destruction of all reputations guilty or innocent – Mick Raven


Don Burke: Former The Block contestant says gardening guru left ‘vile and predatory energy’ in her apartment – ABC News

Don Burke: Journalist says TV star ‘expected to have sex’ with her – ABC News

Don Burke: Speaking out a bittersweet experience for journalist Wendy Dent – ABC News

Aussie TV personality Don Burke reportedly ‘calls in lawyers’ over sexual harassment allegations – News.com.au

‘A high-grade, twisted abuser’: Don Burke a sexual harasser and bully, claims series of women – SMH.com.au

Don Burke accused of sexual harassment, indecent assault during Burke’s Backyard heyday – ABC News

Don Burke not the only tormentor at Nine with many ex staff still humiliated by what went on – Daily Telegraph

TV icon Don Burke denies harassment claims – Skynews.com.au

Sexual harassment in the Australian workplace: How to spot it and what to do

and on and on and on…..yawn – Mick Raven

Maybe they, the Mob, should bring back public hangings or burning at the stake – Mick Raven



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