Elites, Cults and Mithraism – ConspiracyOz

Hi Ppls, this Info was discovered by accident and as you know the rabbit hole grows deeper. I put links together with this article below – Mick Raven

Killing God to Become God: David Bowie, Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and Hillary Clinton’s emails decoded


the Planets aligned with monolith

2001: A Space Odyssey


Mithras born from the rock


Bloomberg Mithras

Bloomberg and the Temple of Mithras

Bloomberg / Temple of Mithras Pt.2: Rothschilds, Diamonds & Superman


Beat Godfather Meets Glitter Mainman: William Burroughs Interviews David Bowie


Jack Parsons (rocket engineer) – Wikipedia

Spirit Cooking

Spirit Cooking – Marina Abramovic


Aleister Crowley


The law of Thelema

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