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Why I Won’t Bother To Vote this Year

Please Note – In the entire article below I did not once tell YOU not to vote if that is what YOU want to do.  In fact I didn’t once tell you to personally do anything.  Please consider that if you decide to comment on this article.

For those of you making a big deal about the coming elections and posting meme after meme on facebook, I have three things to say….

1.  Hillary Clinton isn’t running so you are not “stopping Hillary”

2.  Barack Obama isn’t running so you are not “stopping Obama”

3.  If you want to know if your elections will even be in play at all visit RealClearPolitics.com there you can see with amazing accuracy the results in advance of over 90% of the elections that will take place next week.  The majority of state and national level elections are already determined, your vote isn’t going to matter and neither will mine.

Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me it is important for me to vote in elections that will be won by margins of more than 25% in most instances (that is the reality of my state and county).  Even a common core student can do that math!  My state Senators, state House Reps, federal Reps and my governor and Lt. Governor are all predetermined, and I don’t want any of them, nor do I want their opponents running my state or representing me in DC.

I know you dear reader do not live in Texas, but if you go to RealClearPolitics.com you will note that 10 senate seats are toss ups but if you dig deeper you will see that 7 are almost definite out of those, three are real toss ups.  You will see the GOP will LIKELY take the Senate and is going to 100% keep the house.  That is known, if the GOP takes the Senate rhetoric will change but the results won’t and the GOP will keep the house so that isn’t even an issue.

This election is billed as important but it is one of the least important in history.  Those of you that want Obamacare repealed it won’t happen the GOP is already selling you out.  Those of you that want to stop Amnesty you can’t, the GOP will give it to you in 2016-2017 along with expanding not repealing Obamacare.  The house majority leader sold you out long ago.

You are told your vote counts, it doesn’t, it won’t and it hasn’t in the lives of most adults.  The winner in all these elections is the power elite, the loser is the people, this is the only constant.  Voting for a third party won’t work, neither will voting for the lesser of two evils.  Right now every voter is doing nothing but pissing into the wind and supporting one mafia, extortionist, traitorous, murderous family over the other.

No matter who wins this election, Ebola will still exist and still represent less of a threat to you than say too many Big Macs or slipping in the bath tub.  The complete destruction of our private health care industry will continue unabated and by 2020 the government will be running health care.  By 2018 the nation will be over 21 trillion in debt and have over 138 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities.  Our southern border will not be secure and illegals will still be handed government benefits.

The total number of people (citizens and non citizens) on welfare and food stamps will continue to grow.  The deficit will continue to remain well over 400 billion annually assuming no more bail outs and destroying the free market in order to save it interventions.  If any of those occur of course it will be back into trillion dollar territory.

No matter who is in power they will tell you that ISIS which they created is a threat and use it as an excuse to take more of your liberty.  They will use the same fear to continue to bomb innocent people in a part of the world that should be left the hell alone to sort out its own problems.

No matter who is in charge your constitutionally protected rights will continue to be trampled on.  The NSA will continue to collect all your data and insist it is for your own protection.  They will even brag about spending billions of dollars of your money to do so and showcase a massive data center larger then the US Capital building like some fine jewel you should admire.

No matter who runs the senate, the house or the white house we will continue to see common core degrade the intelligence of our children in the name of making us competitive.  With techniques like taking 108 steps to solve the equation 90 divided by 18.    The nation will remain on a track to have us all taxed by the mile by the year 2025 at the latest, which will result in the wholesale tracking of all motor vehicles throughout the nation.

Those of you who want me to vote and tell me how important it is that I do so will have to do better that telling me that the “lesser of two evils” is the best we can do.  You will have to point to at least one place in all the things above I have just listed where my vote will have any effect on even one of them.  You see I don’t care which party takes which of my rights I simply care that both parties are constantly taking my rights day and night and that half the people cheer for one tyrant and half for the other.

I know that we have been programmed to believe that we are a representative democracy in the form of a republic and that every vote counts.  Well I am sorry that is a nice idea, but as grown adults should we not examine such claims with a critical eye?  Should we just accept this “good citizenship programming” or might we consider the claim that the US is an Oligarchy?  I have done so and I have noticed every government since 1980 when I was old enough to even pay attention followed constants.

  1. The size of government got bigger
  2. The Freedoms of every American were reduced
  3. The national debt grew
  4. The unfunded liabilities grew
  5. The producers were taxed at a higher rate (when total taxes were considered)
  6. The consumers were fed more of the national pie
  7. The percentage of consumers grew
  8. The percentage of producers fell
  9. The majority party always blames the minority party for not being able to get things done
  10. The minority party always blames the majority party for not being able to get things done
  11. All the power is actually wielded by those who fund politicians not the politicians themselves
  12. The same people that fund the republicans fund the democrats and vise verse

The truth is the system is rigged, it is a big club and you are not in it, and the only way out is to focus on what you can influence rather than that which you are concerned about.

So don’t worry if I ever think my vote matters and if I ever see a place where we have a real choice I will participate in it. But I won’t insult the intelligence of the average person by telling them a flat out lie.  Right now your vote doesn’t count in at least 99% of every measure on every ballot from dog catcher to referendum, how you vote personally won’t matter and it isn’t going to change anything.  You can be mad at me for saying so but it won’t make what I claim untrue.

I am open to being wrong about this but let me tell you what it will take.  You will have to show me an election where my vote would have changed both the outcome and the result.  The outcome is the winner, this you MIGHT find in some obscure election somewhere, likely where I could not have personally voted for the candidate anyway.  But the truth is the result is more important!

You will have to show me where and when voting for D vs. R or R vs. D will actually change any of the 12 points I made above in any meaningful way.  You will have to convince me that congressmen are not fully controlled by the party dues system.

Look I don’t want to be right about this.  It doesn’t make me happy, it doesn’t make me feel smart that I know this entire political game is a lie.  It doesn’t give me pleasure that our lives are run by a group of power elite and our elections are simply an illusion and a marketing campaign to get us to be happy in our modern from of serfdom.

I would love to tell you that your vote matters and real reform is possible in our current system and society.  I would also love to tell you that Neverland is real and you can go there and stay young forever.  I’d like to tell you the Tooth Fairy really will leave a silver dollar under your pillow in exchange for your tooth as well, but would you believe me if I did?  Look just because something sounds good doesn’t make it true.

So go ahead if you really think voting matters and make your case to the world for your side of the dichotomy, write memes, make phone calls, write your reps, etc.  I won’t fault you for it.  It is your right.

It is also my right to vote by not voting.  To state that none of the candidates are worthy of running my nation, state, county or city.  To exercise my patriotism by not endorsing people I see as shills, traitors, oppressors and often killers by not granting them the honor and privilege of my vote.

Yes receiving a vote is a privilege not a right!  Politicians are not entitled to votes, they are not entitled to me voting for or against them.  When you question a persons patriotism for not voting do you realize that you are saying the opposite?  If I am obligated by duty to vote, then one of the people I do not want to vote for, must be entitled to my vote.  Under critical examination that is a fact.

The fact that you will vote for these people and I won’t doesn’t make you a better American than me, it doesn’t mean you are more patriotic either.  As a patriot I stand willing to risk my life to defend the rights of every American equally.  I stand ready if needed to defend the rights of property, privacy and personal liberty of all Americans, regardless of sex, religion, sexual orientation, age or race.  So as a patriot I refuse to endorse people who stand in opposition to those things.  As I have yet to see a politician that isn’t for infringing on the rights and freedoms of some Americans to the benefit of other Americans, none right now are qualified for the privilege of receiving my endorsement in the form of a vote.

In short if you want me to vote, you’ll need to give me something to vote for.  Voting against something that is the greater of two evils is an old movie.  I am tired of watching this movie and I already know how it ends.  So I have left the stale pop corn on the sticky floor and simply walked out of the dim political theater during the “coming soon” promotions.  Instead of watching the choreographed nonsense I have focused on my own life and the lives of those I can help, influence and be a good example to.  I will put my energy where it has an impact in reality rather then on the feel good illusions of a mass media programmed mind.

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