ATO Fraud case: A Who’s who of those aAlleged to be behind the Conspiracy
19th May 2017

The ABC takes a look at the main players alleged to be behind a conspiracy to defraud the Australian Tax Office (ATO) of $165 million.

A 10th person was arrested on May 18 and charged in relation to the alleged conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth of taxation revenue, and he and several others remain on bail.

Who’s who of the alleged tax fraud

Six of those charged — including Adam and Lauren Cranston — face a maximum of 10 years in prison.

But prosecutors agreed they could return home after meeting bail conditions because it will take months to sort out the maze of trusts and companies behind the alleged conspiracy.

Michael Cranston

Michael Cranston has been suspended from his role as the deputy commissioner of taxation at the ATO.

Unlike his son, he is not being treated as one of the conspirators.

Mr Cranston is alleged to have accessed files without authority and has been issued with a court attendance notice on a charge of abusing public office.

Photo: ATO deputy commissioner Michael Cranston has been suspended from his position following the charges. (AAP: Paul Miller)

Adam Cranston

Described as a senior figure in the alleged conspiracy, Adam Cranston was arrested in his Bondi flat on Wednesday, as part of 28 raids across Sydney.

He flew planes as a hobby and also had a keen interest in motorsport, with pictures online showing him at racetracks with several cars.

Adam Cranston leaving the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hills, wearing all black and carrying papers in his right hand
Photo: Adam Cranston leaving the Sydney Police Centre. (AAP: Paul Miller)

Lauren Cranston

Lauren Cranston is the daughter of ATO heavyweight Michael Cranston and sister of Adam Cranston.

A LinkedIn profile bearing her name says she is the manager of Aventis Capital.

Her brother Adam has been pictured in a motor-racing suit emblazoned with the Aventis Capital logo.

Photo: Lauren Cranston, sister of Adam Cranston and daughter of Michael Cranston. (Facebook)

Dev Menon

Dev Menon is an experienced tax lawyer listed as a partner with Sydney firm Clamenz Lawyers, where their website says he has advised on “payroll tax issues”.

The firm did not return calls to the ABC regarding the status of Menon’s employment.

Simon Anquetil

Arrested at Sydney Airport on Thursday when he returned to Australia from overseas, Simon Anquetil is alleged to have been a former director of a payroll company, which he managed during the alleged offences.

He lives in the postcard Sydney location of Lavender Bay.

Photo: Simon Anquetil was the 10th person arrested over the alleged conspiracy. (Facebook)

Devyn Hammond

Listed on a LinkedIn profile as an office manager working in a Sydney architect firm, 24-year-old Devyn Hammond appeared in Wollongong Local Court on Thursday charged with conspiracy to defraud and is out on bail.

Photo: Devyn Hammond has been charged over her involvement in the conspiracy. (Facebook)

Jason Onley

Jason Onley is the managing director of Northstar, a corporate finance and business consulting service.

He has been charged with conspiracy to defraud and was granted bail.

Chris Guillan

Chris Guillan is a former colleague of Adam Cranston at an Australian insolvency firm.

He has been charged with handling the proceeds of crime.

An archived work biography appears to show he has an expertise in tax compliance and corporate governance, and held a senior position at an insolvency company in 2014.

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