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Federal Budget 2017: Sewerage used to find welfare drug testing locations

Scott Morrison has indicated that the locations of his planned welfare drug testing trials could be discovered via area sewage tests.

Speaking in an interview with BuzzFeed reporter Alice Workman, Morrison joked about the use of wastewater testing to discover areas of “high drug use”.

“We’re an innovative, agile and flexible government that looks at all sorts of new ways to better target government spending,” Morrison told the site.

He later added that areas of high drug use would be “the best place to start”.

Morrison’s self-described “modest” drug testing trial was unveiled in Tuesday night’s Budget, where he indicated the government would test 5000 new welfare recipients for drugs like marijuana and methylamphetamine.

These trials would take place at two undecided locations, to be finalised once the government can pinpoint areas most affected by drugs and welfare recipients who continually shirk Centrelink obligations.

As absurd as it sounds, testing community sewage for drugs – faecal profiling if you will – isn’t really a zany idea at all.

In fact, it’s just about the most humane and scientific way to do it, as a National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program assessment discovered in March this year.

In their damning report, officers from the program highlighted that consumption of drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine were on the rise, along with prescription drugs like oxycodone.

After testing sewage from 51 sites around the nation, the report found that meth use was highest in regional WA, while cocaine use was highest in metro NSW.

According to the report, wastewater testing for drug use is beneficial because self-reported user surveys often lied about the quantity and frequency of drug use.

“Wastewater analysis is widely applied internationally as a tool to measure and interpret drug use within national populations,” read the report.

“The National Ice Taskforce found self-report user surveys, seizure and arrest data and medical statistics provide only a limited picture of drug consumption.

“Consequently, the Taskforce recommended that a national wastewater capability be established to provide a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of drug use in Australia.”

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