Footage Emerges Of ‘Heavy-Handed’ Police Actions In Sydney Club Raid


policegigStaff Writer
Dec 19th 2016

Footage has surfaced of NSW police raiding popular nightclub Candy’s Apartment on Saturday night, with one officer shoving a patron as they enter to shut down the venue.

Speaking with The Music earlier today, Queensland DJ Sketch Coleman of Bombs Away – who were scheduled to perform on the night – slammed police for the raid.

“In our opinion, it was a heavy-handed transparent excuse as part of an ongoing policy of intimidation with the aim of shutting down one of the remaining successful venues in the area in order to replace them with development projects,” Coleman said.

The CCTV footage provided to The Music from Candy’s shows one of the officers shoulder-checking a punter as “between 30-50 police in full gear poured out of unmarked buses and into the venue.”

“Between 30-50 police in full gear poured out of unmarked buses and into the venue, shoving people out of the way, including one of the officers unnecessarily shoulder-checking [band mate and brother Tommy Coleman] against the wall in the entranceway on his way past, telling people to ‘fuck off home, we’re closing it down’.”

It has been reported that police arrested a 21-year-old male who was found in possession of 60 MDMA capsules after shutting down the venue.

NSW police are yet to respond to enquiries from The Music.

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