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SA Power Networks’ push to charge customers more prompts Energy Minister to seek advice

28 Nov 2016

Photo: SA Power Networks operates the poles, lines and substations in South Australia. (ABC News: Nicole Price)

The owners of South Australia’s electricity network have taken their fight to charge customers more to the Federal Court after being knocked back by the Australian Competition Tribunal.

South Australian Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis described the move by SA Power Networks (SAPN) as “extremely disappointing” and said he was seeking legal advice about what avenues the Government had to make representations to the Federal Court.

Last month the Australian Competition Tribunal upheld a decision by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to deny SAPN the right to collect an extra $250 million in revenue.

AER had ruled SAPN’s could collect $3.84 billion from customers between 2015-2020 compared with the company’s request of $4.53 billion.

The company operates the state’s network of poles, wires and substations.

SAPN told the ABC it believed the tribunal had made “some errors in applying the law”.

“We will utilise our right to challenge those decisions,” a spokesperson said.

Mr Koutsantonis said SAPN costs represented more than 35 per cent of an average consumer’s annual electricity bill.

“It is extremely disappointing that SAPN are continuing with attempts to charge South Australians more for electricity distribution after both the regulator and the Australian Competition Tribunal have rejected their claims,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

He said the company had originally sought to raise $700 million more from customers.

“When you consider that 35 per cent of the average annual electricity bill is made up of distribution costs, that increase would have had a devastating impact on the bills of families and businesses,” he said.

“Enough is enough. There is a reason why two independent national bodies have found that SAPN should not be allowed to charge South Australians more and that is because the increases they are seeking are not justified.”

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  1. Rem SA who owns your power – Mick Raven

    Li Ka-shing

    Australian Tax Dispute

    In 2013 a claim was lodged by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) against Cheung Kong Infrastructure (CKI) to pay approximately A$370 million in unpaid tax, penalties and interest relating to tax disputes concerning SA Power Networks and Victoria Power Networks.

    The dispute was resolved in 2015 when CKI entered into an agreement with the ATO. No penalty was levied against CKI and a sum of approximately A$24 million was refunded from the A$64 million previously paid to the ATO by CTI.


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