Take a stand for sick and dying Australians who need access to medicinal cannabis TODAY

Lucy Haslam
Nov 24, 2016


In February 2016 the Australian Government passed historic legislation to pave the way for thousands of sick Australians to legally access medicinal cannabis medicines. The Health Minister heralded the legislation as being “the missing link”.

Many politicians of all persuasions talked in terms of enacting compassion to improve quality of life for our most vulnerable. The general public breathed a collective sigh of relief that finally we were able to offer our loved ones respite from intractable pain, life threatening seizures and many other debilitating conditions.

The 24th February 2016 felt like a proud day to be an Australian because our Government had responded to the enormous public support for what can only be described as a show of great empathy and common sense.

We sat back and waited patiently for eight months for the legislation to be written. Our Government failed to appoint an advisory council as promised but we thought we would show restraint in the hope that they would navigate a path that is morally right and respectful of human rights.

What a disappointment! Now we are faced with regulations that are so complicated and expensive to comply with that only those with very deep pockets are able to consider applying to supply the domestic medicinal market. At best that outcome is many months to years away. To add insult to injury the Government has now taken away the only way a terminally ill patient can access cannabinoid medicines in any timeframe that reflects the urgency of a terminal condition.

I fought hard for Dan’s Legacy and thought that dignified access to Medicinal Cannabis was soon going to be a reality. I am horrified at what a sham this has become. Compassion has been highjacked and our Government has disappointed those who pleaded for a safer alternative to illicit cannabis dealers. Sick Australians will now be forced to continue to run the gauntlet of the black market. A failure of the health system of mammoth proportions!

Malcolm Turnbull, Sussan Ley: Give patients back their legal right to URGENT access to cannabis!

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