Russia Warns that Nuclear War could be Imminent as it Evacuates 40M People in Drill

  • Russia’s Ministry of Defence has warned a nuclear war is on the horizon
  • The Kremlin has organised the mass evacuation in the capital Moscow
  • Officials said to have built underground shelters big enough for 12million
  • Russia‘s bombing of Syria resulted in the US suspending negotiations  

Gareth Davies
6 October 2016

Russia is evacuating more than 40million people in drills to prepare for nuclear war after Putin‘s Ministry of Defence warned of ‘schizophrenics from America sharpening atomic weapons for Moscow.

Citizens have been told a war with the West could be imminent and Kremlin officials have said underground shelters have been built to house 12million people.

The massive evacuation drill started yesterday and will last three days.


Russia is evacuating more than 40million people in drills to prepare for nuclear war after Putin’s Ministry of Defence warned of ‘schizophrenics from America sharpening atomic weapons for Moscow

A Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters spokesman said: ‘The three-stage four-day drill involves more than 40 million people, more than 200,000 specialists of rescue units based in regions, organizations and enterprises, as well as some 50,000 units of equipment.

‘Management bodies and forces of the Emergency Ministry’s territorial bodies have been put on simulated high alert.

‘Representatives of federal executive authorities, heads of regions, local governments and organizations are taking part in the massive drill.

‘Emergency Ministry’s forces and facilities are fully engaged, including rescue military divisions, rescue units, paramilitary mine rescue units and State Small Vessels Inspectorate, fire departments and aircraft.

‘The topic of the drill is Organization of civil defense during large natural and man-caused disasters in the Russian Federation.’


Russia’s accused bombing of Syria has been widely criticised, and the US this week suspended negotiations with leader Vladimir Putin.   

Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov said: ‘Civil defense system solves a wide range of tasks related to protection of people, material and cultural values in each constituent territory of the Russian Federation.

‘Modern approaches to foundation of control centers are being implemented, there is a set of automatized database forming systems, modeling of different threats and risks, satellite monitoring and forecasting system which uses Russian-made solutions and technologies.’

He added there would be a comprehensive approach to training experts and specialists able to work in crises.

The minister noted that regions of Russia have enough material and other resources of civil defense to respond to large massive disasters swiftly and efficiently.

‘The Emergency Ministry, federal executive authorities and regions have material and other resources to ensure uninterrupted operation of transport, power supply and communication systems.

‘It has proven efficient in the past three years.

‘We are restoring roads, building temporary bridges and handle many other problems.

‘During the drill we are going to inspect what was planned to be inspected and make suggestions on building-up the potential and areas of developing civil defense considering risks and threats, civil defense plans are going to be revised and suggestions will be made for summary rules of national standards.’


Two Russian Blackjack bombers were intercepted flying back and forth to Northern Spain from the direction of Norway, it has emerged.

The incident happened on September 22, but the details are only now surfacing.

Four nations – Norway, the UK, France and Spain – all deployed their own jets as the TU-160 planes skirted the airspace of each country.

Spanish media have said it is the furthest south an operation like this has had to take place.

Norway was the first to detect the two Russian jets and scrambled two F-16 fighters to accompany them towards the north of Scotland.

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