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Malcolm Turnbull, Paedophilia & Pornography: 8 Disturbing Connections


Australia’s current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has a long history of disturbing activities and associations with regard to sexual morality.

As a result of a sympathetic left-wing media, this is something the broader Australian public knows nothing about.

1. Supporting Naked Child Photographer, Bill Henson

In May 2008, following complaints from the public, NSW Police raided a so-called “art exhibition” in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, and confiscated about 20 photographs of naked children. The so-called “artist” responsible for the photos is Bill Henson, a well-known photographer. It was later discovered that Henson had travelled to primary schools to hunt down potential “models” for his “art”.

2. Defending Pro-Paedophile Organisations

The Spycatcher case was a 1980s legal case in Australia concerning the publication of a book by former MI5 intelligence officer, Peter Wright.

3. Bringing Porno Magazines to Australia

In 1978, acting for his client, Australian Consolidated Press, Turnbull travels to the US to organise a deal to produce an Australian version of the American pornographic magazine, Playboy.

4. Porn & Paedophilia on SBS: Turnbull Did Nothing

As Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull was responsible for the public broadcaster, SBS. Despite this, he did absolutely nothing about the continuous stream of pornographic filth that appears on this taxpayer-funded network.

5. Sydney Homosexual Mardi Gras Attendee

Turnbull is an attendee at the annual Sydney Mardi Gras, an event that harbors and celebrates some very disturbing groups and individuals.

6. Sex Jokes in Front of Children

In April of this year, Turnbull attended an obscene homosexual/transvestite party at the Birdsville Hotel in remote western Queensland, where he made filthy jokes alongside a drag queen comedian named ‘Sofia’.

7. Turnbull’s Comrades: Keneally, Kirby & Kinsey

Malcolm Turnbull associates himself with some disturbing people. Author Thomas Keneally, for instance, is a very close associate of Turnbull’s, and a fellow Australian Republican Movement co-founder. Turnbull calls him “beaming and brilliant“, and in 2011 launched one of his books.

8. Support for Islam

Malcolm Turnbull is infamous for his contributions on Islam. He says Islam is an “ancient religion of great scholarship” and that we should embrace Muslim immigration. This is perhaps unsurprising when you consider some of the issues on which Islam is in agreement with leftist-‘progressives’.



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