Australian Energy Boss Emails Climate Change Skeptic Handbook

Prominent businessman and donor to the Australian Liberal Party, Roger Massy-Greene, accidentally emailed hundreds of politicians and elites a 16-page handbook explaining how skeptics can successfully argue against the idea that human activity is causing climate change, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported Monday.

The premier of the state of New South Wales, Mike Baird and the Australian prime minister’s spouse and former Lord Mayor of Sydney, Lucy Turnbull, were among those emailed the handbook according to ABC.

Massy-Greene is the current head of Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid, two electricity companies owned by the state government of New South Wales. He is also the former chairman of a New South Wales state body for the energy sector, Networks NSW.

In the emails Massy-Greene said of the handbook, “This short piece on global warming by science writer (and scientist) Jo Nova is the best piece I have seen on global warming, and helps to explain what so far has been a very confusing debate.”

Australian climate-change scientist, Professor Tim Flannery, who won the Australian of the Year award for environmental research, slammed Massy-Greene’s actions.

“I’m astonished that anyone in any sort of position of responsibility could take it the slightest bit seriously … This should be a call to arms to be asking all chairmen and business people where they stand on climate change,” he told ABC.

Massy-Greene’s views are at odds with organizations that he leads. Ausgrid has contributed around AUD$150 million to the state government’s climate-change fund.

In 2013, Massy-Greene made news when his then company, Eureka Capital Partners, reportedly donated AUD$10,000 to now-premier Mike Baird’s political campaign, in what many called a conflict of interests.

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  1. Thx to Ozi@ozTruthseeker for this Article – Mick Raven


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