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Michelle Pedersen
5 May 2016

Stop payments for non-currently serving Politicians


You and I are not paid for jobs that we no longer carry out, make this the same for ALL Australians. 

Stop ALL entitlements, payments, allowances, including travel allowances for politicians who are no longer currently serving the Australian public.

The only way to change things is to make it happen for ourselves, this is something the politicians will NOT make happen, we have to insist on this happening.

My name is Michelle Pedersen. I started a petition out of sheer frustration towards the people WE elected to represent us however they seem to end up representing themselves to a larger extent. I targeted the politicians who receive a pension AND entitlements after they no longer attend to those duties.

I am sure that you, like myself, would like to continue being paid a pension AND entitlements after holding a position for a few years until the day we die. However this is not how it is for us. We don’t make the rules.

However if you become a public servant in the guise of a politician, you can then design the game board to work for yourself. Fortunately for these public servants, the Australian people are very apathetic with the attitude of ‘she’ll be right’. We all agree that it is wrong, laugh about it at parties and then say, ah, yeah, but what can we do?

What we can do, is stand up, have a say, contact your local member of government and tell them exactly what you think. After all, they are there to represent us. Is your politician representing you? If not, why not? Because you don’t tell them how you want them to represent you and so they go and make the board game and rules in their favour.

This simple little petition that I started out of frustration 9 months ago has grown to a petition with a voice. Senator Glenn Lazarus has in fact commented that he has signed this little ‘but what can we do about it’ petition. There are, at the time of writing this, 77,838 signatures and growing each time I refresh the page.

I am just a Support Worker in the disabilities sector and I work hard for the money I earn. I help people, help themselves to varying degrees depending on their disability. I will never earn in 10 years what a public servant of politician level will earn in 1. And yet the smiles and thanks I receive from the people I help are worth more than gold. They will never understand job satisfaction, the satisfaction you get from doing a job well.

The current ‘leaders’ of this country say that we have to tighten our belts, to live within our means. Well, our means is our current job, not a pension and entitlements from a job we held for a couple of years for the rest of our lives. If this was the case, I would still be receiving a pension and entitlements from being a police officer for 5 years over 20 years ago. I wouldn’t certainly not complain about that rule, however that rule does not apply to all of us.

They say that we have debts, too right we have debts, we are paying money to people who no longer do anything for that money. How this rule has stood for so long beggers belief. How we, as the 23 million people of this country, have allowed this to be the way it is, beggers belief.

It is time this is stopped, it is time that we stop saying, ‘she’ll be right.’, and start saying how we want to be represented.

This is only one of the topics that I have an opinion about. So many wrongs, only so many petitions. Only we all can do something about this. We can start a petition, sign a petition, stand up and say what you want.

Mr Palmer has also jumped on this idea, however Mr Palmer is a multi-millionaire and wants to appeal to the masses for his own self-interest, this being stopped does not impact on him, he doesn’t care less as is evident of the way he treats his employees, or so how it is said he does in the media.

This is Australia and we help our mates, not to the extent of politicians helping their mates, however it is time that we join together and address the many wrongs currently infesting our country.

Have a go ya mug.

Thank you for signing.

Michelle Pedersen

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  1. This is a no-brainer people…sign the petition please – Mick Raven


  2. Coral Mary Saldanha

    No more freebies entitlements to non currently serving politicians, they can tighten their belts and stop being a burden on tax payers.


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