Optus Cuts Jobs from Mawson Lakes Call Centre


13th April 2016


Photo: Up to 187 workers could be cut from Optus’ call centre at Mawson Lakes (ABC News: Nic MacBean, file photo)

Optus has cut close to 200 support positions from its northern Adelaide call centre, unions say.

The Communication Workers Union believes up to 187 workers could be cut from Optus’ call centre at Mawson Lakes.

The telecommunications provider confirmed last week 480 jobs would be cut across its workforce as part of a restructure of a number of its business divisions.

The call centre currently employs 440 workers.

The union said it was working to reduce that number and hopes some of the workers can be redeployed into 30 new positions in South Australia that will be created as a result of Optus securing the English Premier League football rights.

The Australian Communications Workers Alliance’s national assistant secretary, Steven Butterworth, said workers were first told of a restructure early last week, but affected workers were only informed of the cuts on Monday.

“[Workers] are quite depressed,” Mr Butterworth said.

“I was talking to a gentlemen yesterday who has been working for Optus for the last eight years as a technical support person and has a young family, and he’s devastated. That’s the only way I can describe it.”

Mr Butterworth said most of the positions were full time and that the jobs were being sent overseas.

Some workers could be finishing up at the call centre as early as four weeks’ time, Mr Butterworth added.

“There will be a small group kept on for several months during the transition period,” Mr Butterworth said.

Optus has been contacted for comment.

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