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NT Chief Minister Adam Giles backs NSW anti-terror laws

Jane Bardon and Xavier La Canna
2nd April 2016

Photo: Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles is backing NSW’s anti-terror laws.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has backed new anti-terror laws proposed by New South Wales, saying law enforcement bodies need as much power as needed to keep Australians safe.

Mr Giles said anti-terror laws were important, even though the NT has a lower risk profile than other states.

“What we are looking at doing is having a nationally harmonised approach about pre- and post-detention, which allows for our policing authorities to have the power to detain people for periods of up to 14 days without charge to identify potential terrorist threats,” Mr Giles said.

“I think we have to be able to give our law enforcement bodies the most amount of power we can to make sure that Territorians and Australians are protected at all levels.”

After this week’s COAG meeting Mr Giles said the Territory would consider new police powers proposed by New South Wales.

“NSW are taking the lead on developing legislation. They have a piece of legislation at the moment, they are currently taking legal advice on it,” Mr Giles said.

“It is designed to provide Australians with a high level of protection against threats of terrorism on our shores.

“I have given a firm commitment that our legal advisers will consider the legislation that NSW have put through with a keen interest on having mirroring legislation within the NT,” he said.

In NSW the state’s law council has criticised plans to keep people for an extended period without charge, saying it is “abhorrent to the rule of law”.

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