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ILTA Future Horizons Technology Timeline 2014 – 2030

Future Tech

Rohit Talwar

June 7th 2014


By 2018

12. Embedded / implanted technology A natural evolution from wearable technology is the notion of embedding a variety of devices in the human body. Already millions of people have been fitted with pacemakers and cochlear implants. A combination of permanent and biodegradable devices could be embedded within the human body – with applications ranging from credit card chips and personal identifiers to health monitoring sensors and memory augmentation.

By 2030+

48. Brain-link technologies These build on the idea of mapping the function of the brain and the idea of directly uploading and downloading to and from the human brain. This could lead to “mental telepathy”. In the far future, brain-linked technologies could be used to manipulate the brain, to spot bad behavior, or possibly to reengineer somebody’s brain to stop him/her from carrying out criminal behavior.


By 2016

81. 5G phones / communications 5G phones are the next generation of smartphones. They could offer ultra-fast download speeds, artificial intelligence, low power consumption, 3D displays and pervasive access, enabling the user to connect to multiple wireless networks simultaneously.


By 2020

82. 6G phones / communications One vision for 6G phones is that they will integrate communications systems with users’ bodies to connect them to the internet wherever they are.

By 2025+

123. Computational overhang This is the idea that AGI could develop to such an extent that futures AIs could make far more efficient and optimal use of existing computational power than current algorithms. This could lead to a massive explosion of AIs which could eventually overtake the number of humans on the planet.

By 2020

173. NBIC Convergence The accelerating pace of development and convergence of advances in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology (especially AI) and cognitive science (NBIC) is giving rise to an era of potentially transformational and highly disruptive developments such as super-smart materials with memory, engineering of new life forms and radical enhancement of the human brain and body.

By 2020
180. 4D printing is the creation of objects which can self-assemble and change their form over time.
By 2025+
185. Brain uploading Brain uploading is the idea of duplicating the human mind in a non-biological substrate such as the internet or a robot. This relies on successful mapping and whole brain emulation.
By 2025+
186. Brain transplantation Brain transplantation is the idea of transferring either the physical brain or the content stored within it from one human to another human, or a non-biological substrate.
By 2020
189. Memory implants Memory implants are microchips that generate or restore memories in a human brain.
200. Hyperloop is a conceptual system that could transport passengers in pods at near-supersonic speed – the vision of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. This transport concept could provide a viable alternative to short-haul travel, high-speed rail and travelling by car. It is suggested that Hyperloop could reduce the journey time between Los Angeles and San Francisco to just 30 minutes, compared to 75 minutes by plane and 5.5 hours by car. The concept is based on pods travelling through a low-pressure tube that would be suspended above the ground. Musk argues that the development would cost around $6 billion – roughly one tenth of the cost of an equivalent rail system.

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