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Western Power CEO Paul Italiano departs for Sydney-based operator TransGrid

Western Power chief executive Paul Italiano is leaving his post to take up the top job at Australia’s biggest network operator in New South Wales.

After four years as head of Western Power, Mr Italiano will start his new role at TransGrid around mid-year.

Mr Italiano replaces Peter McIntyre, who has been with the operator since 2010.

TransGrid is nearing completion of its financial, legal and governance transition from being a state-run corporation to one operated privately, after the New South Wales Government awarded the NSW Electricity Networks consortium a 99-year lease.

The deal was announced in November last year after the consortium offered to pay $10.3 billion, and was completed the following month.

In a statement, TransGrid said it was preparing the company to deliver on its new business plan.

TransGrid chairman Rick Francis acknowledged Mr McIntyre’s role.

“Peter was instrumental in building a successful corporatised business in a state-owned environment and facilitating an extremely successful outcome from the NSW Government’s privatisation process,” Mr Francis said.

“I am very much looking forward to working with Paul to take TransGrid to its next level of development, his dynamic leadership style, commercial acumen and proven ability to transform a business in the face of significant challenges make him an excellent choice for the role.”

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  1. This Article a while back – Mick Raven

    NSW moves to sell power networks, led by Transgrid


  2. Hi all. Just a quick question. (Several actually). Does Australia actually own anything of its former self? Arent those we elect (the devil you know against the one you dont type election) the caretakers for Australia and its people. Are they voted in to run the country for the benefit of all Australians and the country itself? Please tell me how leasing (poltical speak, selling) on a 99 year contract is actually beneficial to Australias or the country itself? This benefits only those with the contract. (But only for 99 years. Poor bastards) Issnt this like paying a caretaker to look after your house and property for 4 years, only to come back to find the caretaker has either sold it outright or allowed someone to rent your property for a ridiculously long period and you havent given the go ahead for any of it?


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