Finally, A Quiz Show About Conspiracies – ConspiracyOz

Hi Ppls a listener emailed me about their new Show ‘Conspiracy Quiz’

Next time I’m in Adelaide I will definitely attend – Mick Raven

Hi there,

I subscribe to your podcast and emails – keep up the great work!
I’ve established a Quiz Night dedicated to Conspiracies here in Adelaide.

Attached is the link and flyer – it’s taking off! People are waking up.

You are more than welcome to come (if you’re in Adelaide) or maybe please give it a mention on your show?

Best regards,


Are you aware of the flaws in the JFK single bullet theory? Completely aware that NASA never went to the moon? Know where Flight MH370 is and why? All over 9/11 and the MK Ultra Program? Frustrated by not being able to utilise your well-researched knowledge? Well now you can – with CONSPIRACY QUIZ! CONSPIRACY QUIZ is a Quiz Night held every two months on Tuesday night at the Caledonian Hotel, North Adelaide. The quiz questions relate to all manner of conspiracies from The Illuminati to JFK to 9/11 to more obscure matters. It will allow us “Conspiracy Theorists” to make use of the knowledge we have accumulated. Come for a counter-meal first and have a couple drinks if you wish. You never know, you might also win a prize or make some new friends.

WHEN      :     TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2016 AT 7.30PM – (DINNER FROM 6.30PM)

I bet you didn’t know that there are 69 conspiracy Meetups world-wide from Perth to Sydney to Hong-Kong to Singapore to Nepal to New York to Dublin to Paris to Manchester?

And I also bet you didn’t know that our Conspiracy Meetup is the ONLY Conspiracy Quiz in the world?

The third ever Conspiracy Quiz night kicks off next Tuesday for a fun, interactive evening exercising your knowledge of all things “conspiratorial”.

From Aleister Crowley to Zionist control – we’ll cover it all!

Join us for dinner from 6:30pm (Tuesdays is $10.00 Schnitzel night at the Cali) followed by the Quiz starting at 7:30pm.

Bring some friends and put together a team, or come in a pair, or solo, and we will find you a team on the night.

Great prizes and interesting people who won’t look at you strangely no matter what you say!

Feel free to go to our Meetup site, join up and RVSP.

Richard & Emma



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  1. I hope they have invested in bullet proof vests (Jokes)
    Great Job, well done – Mick Raven


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