Too much SMS’ing in the Sunshine State? – ConspiracyOz

Amanda Abate and Isabella Robinson
January 27, 2016

SMS prob

A spelling mistake at the border of New South Wales and Queensland has given southerners a reason to laugh at the sunshine state.

A stray “A” made its way into the sign on Kent Street at Coolangatta and was quickly snapped by passersby to remember.

The spelling mistake angered local residents.

“The first thing I look at is the spelling mistake and I freaked out,” a Gold Coast resident told 7News.

It has been reported the incorrect sign was in place for a week, but it was taken down on Wednesday morning when reports of the error surfaced.

An empty pole was left standing while before a new sign was erected. Source: 7News

It was later replaced with a sign containing the correct spelling.

It was too late to avoid embarrassment, but the Gold Coast City Council owned up to the mistake.

Gold Coast City Councillor Chris Robbins said it was an embarrassing error but quoted one of her colleagues who said it was bordering on the ridiculous.

A council spokesperson said there are 3,500 signs on the Gold Coast and this is just one mistake in thousands.

A sign with the correct spelling was finally erected. Source: 7News.

New South Welshmen who spoke to 7News claimed the mistake was stupid and that it would not happen in their state.

“Must be the heat and humidity, is it?” one said.


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  1. The frequent use of SMS has clouded most ppls spelling – Mick Raven


  2. Thx to Winston Smith for this amusing bit of Truth (from the Ministry of Truth, you betcha!) – Mick Raven


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