Finally the Government has us All, Chequemate – ConspiracyOz

The Government in Australia will no longer issue Cheques or EFTPoS for Medicare payments after July 2016. We will ALL have to register on their website for everything related to payments etc.

  1. Mandatory Adult Vaccinations (Coming soon)
  2. Police Infringements
  3. Tax Returns
  4. Family Benifits
  5. Unemployment Benifits
  6. Medicare Payments
  7. Pensions
  8. Military
  9. Public Servants

etc etc etc ….they have us, chequemate! – Mick Raven



Medicare services

Budget 2015-16: Department of Human Services Efficiencies – Move all Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme payments to Electronic Funds Transfer or online

Description of the measure

From 1 July 2016, Medicare rebate and Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) refund payments will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into the customer’s bank account.

Customers will need to register their bank account details with Medicare to receive their payment. Receiving payments by cheque and credit EFTPOS will no longer be possible, with the exception of Pay Doctor Via Claimant Cheques.

This change will ensure customers no longer have to visit a service centre or wait to receive a cheque in the mail to access their Medicare payments. Receiving payments will be quicker and easier as they are sent directly to the customer’s bank account.

Questions and answers

Who is affected by this measure

This measure will impact Medicare and PBS customers who make a claim and have not registered their bank account details.

Who is eligible for this measure

All Medicare customers are eligible to receive their payments via EFT. Customers must register their bank account details with Medicare to receive their payments.

The date this measure will start and finish

This measure will start on 1 July 2016 and is ongoing.


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  1. Lies Lies Lies – Mick Raven
    excerpt: “For this reason, it is likely that cheques and, to a lesser extent, cash will continue to make up a very small part of our business into the future.” May 2 2012


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