This Article Proves the Trolls are Alive and Well – ConspiracyOz

This Article was sent in by ‘Winston Smith’

I looked up the source and Presto!

More funded trolls out to promote Carbon Credits,

well I never – Mick Raven



This is who he is (Author)


Note: Editor for The Carbon Economy and (argh) Climate Change (Duh! the Climate has always changed)

Remember, breathing out = Carbon Dollars for the Masters – Mick Raven

ps. And the other Ppl mentioned in the Article

Dr Wenju Cai

Dr Cai ClimateTroll 4

(Who would want to say no to this funding, mmm)



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  1. Hi Mick. Happy new year to you and your readers/listeners.
    Is it possible that there are people in the world that actually believe what their doing is right. Be they scientists, doctors whatever, who have never looked at what our side says because they do their job and get on with their life. It may come down to the people that own media of what gets reported. The owners (top of the chain) look for people with their hearts in the right place and use their one sided proof to further the corrupt bad side of science. We bag all of these people daily and I really can’t believe that all will knowingly work on bullshit if they’ve never looked down the rabbit hole.
    On a different tangent, could others please let me know how to tell children about what we’ve found by looking at the other side. On the Friday my granddaughter and I were working/playing in the backyard (I live in the Hunter valley) and she yelled in an excited tone, look up poppy, what are those lines in the sky? Without even thinking, I went into the usual speak of chemtrails/poisons/bad people etc. it wasn’t till I looked at her directly, and saw the look of confusion on her face, that I realised I don’t know how to approach any of what we know to children. I told her its our secret and don’t say anything to kids or teachers when she goes back to school. Happily she just turned and started playing again. Any ideas/thoughts from anyone on how to answer these questions when asked by children.
    Have a great year all.

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  2. Hi Craig, Happy New year to you and your family. On a serious note, children are the very ones who need to question the answers given by their peers they need to know what is right and what is wrong. If you truly believe in what you know you have to stand by the truth. No one will hate you for protecting your family. It is sad times we live in. I am all for positive outcomes but first you must recognise the problem, otherwise we will all remain trapped in Platos ‘Allegory of the Cave’. – Mick Raven


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