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“the War on Christmas”Ppl is alive and well. The idea is to ban all holidays so the prols keep working and stay asleep.

For Ppl to have their culture they must have freedom of choice and fairness in society, not forced ideology from globalist megalomaniacs.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Mick Raven / ConspiracyOz

Christmas Prob

Christmas controversy

excerpt from

Religious controversies

Christian sects and communities that reject the observance of Christmas for theological reasons include Jehovah’s Witnesses; some adherents of Messianic Judaism; most Sabbatarian denominations, such as the True Jesus Church and the Church of God (7th-Day); the Iglesia ni Cristo; the Christian Congregation in Brazil; the Christian Congregation in the United States; and certain reformed and fundamentalist churches of various persuasions, including some Independent Baptist, Holiness, Apostolic Pentecostal, and Churches of Christ congregations.

The celebration of Christmas has occasionally been criticized in countries which are predominantly Muslim.[citation needed] Turkey, whose population is 99.8 percent Muslim, has adopted a secular version of Christmas and a Santa Claus figure named Noel Baba (from the French Père Noël). During the 2013 holiday season, a Muslim youth group launched an anti-Santa Claus campaign, protesting against the celebration of Christmas in the country.

Christmas tree controversies

One of the most prominent Christmas tree controversies came in 2005, when the city of Boston labeled their official decorated tree as a holiday tree, and the subsequent response from the Nova Scotian tree farmer who donated the tree was that he would rather have put the tree in a wood chipper than have it named a “holiday” tree.

In 2009 in Jerusalem, Israel, the Lobby for Jewish Values, with support of the Jerusalem Rabbinate, handed out fliers condemning Christmas and called for a boycott of “restaurants and hotels that sell or put up Christmas trees and other ‘foolish’ Christian symbols”.

The Brussels Christmas tree in the Belgian capital sparked controversy in December 2012, as it was part of renaming the Christmas Market as “Winter Pleasures”. Local opposition saw it as appeasement of the Muslim minority in the city.

Retailer controversies

In 2007, U.S. hardware store chain Lowe’s published a catalog that accidentally referred to Christmas trees as “Family trees”Since at least 2005, religious conservative groups and media in the United States such as the American Family Association, Liberty Counsel and Fox News have called for boycotts of various prominent secular organizations, particularly retail giants, demanding that they use the term “Christmas” rather, than solely “holiday” in their print, TV, online, and in-store marketing and advertising. This was also seen by some as containing a hidden anti-Jewish message. All of the major retailers named denied the charges.

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