Well as you all know by now, the government ignored the voices of the people and passed the bill.

Minister Scott Morrison: Don’t punish parents for making an informed choice about their children’s health, all…

Vacc Children Petition

19,459 supporters
16th Dec 2015

Tasha David

Melton West, VIC

16 Dec 2015

After a very frustrating decision from our government to ignore 3000+ submissions (99% against the bill) and pass the bill, we are left with what to do next?

For those affected by the legislation, here is an info sheet that helps navigate through what is and what is not covered by the new vaccine laws.


The AVN is currently investigating legal avenues and will update as the information comes to hand.https://avn.org.au/

Our community is getting together on Facebook and arranging informal child minding so as to enable those who need to work or study to continue to do so.

A lot of support networks are popping up and people are making their own community groups in their areas.

If you need any information about any of these options contact me and I will try to help however I can.

If your children are getting discriminated against by childcare centres refusing to enrol them, you can file a complaint with the human rights commission as seen in this info sheet.


Whatever you do, don’t give up this is far from over, we have only just begun to fight!


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