Interview on 2DayFm Rove and Sam Show

Hi Ppls, I was interviewed about Mobile Phone tracking on 2DayFm‘s Rove (McManus) and Sam (Frost) Show. Interesting to hear what is happening in the real world as I don’t conform (as my listeners would know) to the latest tech gadgets, especially wireless devices.

Rove and Sam

ConOz 2DayFm Audio

(Mp3 of the Interview)

So I thought I might put up some info on this topic….Mick Raven


Mob phone tracked when off

Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

Calob Horton,Doug Collins and Others

Quickly check if your phone is being spied on

There are a number of quick, easy methods you can use to make sure nobody is spying on your phone.

  1. 1
    If your battery is draining more quickly than usual, tracking software could be running in the background.

    — Unless you’re playing a bunch of games on your phone, quick battery drain could be a sign that you’re being tracked.
    — This is especially true when your phone is taking longer to charge. A longer charge time could be indicative that an intensive app — like a monitoring app — is running.

  2. 2
    If your phone constantly feels warm, spy software could be running.

    — Your phone will get warm from time to time as it runs intense software like games. But if you aren’t running anything other than Facebook and your phone feels like it could fry an egg, you could be the victim of spy software.
    — This is not applicable while you are charging your device — some phones just get hot as the battery charges.

  3. 3
    If your phone calls have been filled with strange noises or echoing lately, somebody might be listening in.

    — If you’ve never had issues with echoing phone calls in the past, but you are now, you might have an uninvited guest on your phone call.

Do in-depth checks to see if your phone is being spied on

If none of those steps have given you the confidence you need to know whether you’re being spied on, some of the steps below will give you a more-detailed look at what your phone is doing.

  1. 1
    Check your phone’s network usage.

    — Did you know that you can monitor your phone’s network usage by using your carrier’s USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes? Follow this guide to learn your carrier’s USSD codes.
    — Spy apps work by sending data to the spy who decided to install it on your phone. If your data, minute, or text usage looks suspicious, there is a possibility that a tracking application is spying on your phone and sending data to whoever is spying on you.

  2. 2
    Install an anti-spyware application on your device.

    — Anti-spyware applications can help you get rid of the spy software that may have been installed on your device.
    — A good Android option is Anti Spy Mobile. It will scan your phone for spyware and help you get rid of it.
    — iPhones are more secure than Android phones, as long as you aren’t Jailbroken. Your iPhone won’t allow the installation of any apps outside of of those you download from the App Store. That doesn’t mean you’re totally safe, but the person who’s spying on you will need to physically get a hold of your device to manually install the software. If you don’t lose your phone, you will be safe.

  3. 3
    If you are technically minded or know somebody who is, here is a way to set a trap and discover if spy software is running on your phone.
    1. Buy a cheap WiFi router, and plug it in to your main router in your house. To do this connect the WAN port of the new router into any of the Ethernet ports in the back of your house’s main router.
    2. Be sure to change the subnet of the new router to be different from the main router. ie. If the main router is on then you should configure this router to use
    3. Now connect your phone into the WiFi of the new wireless router you bought.
    4. Now connect a computer or laptop to the new router.
    5. Install any free packet sniffing tool. I recommend searching Google for “Open source packet sniffer”
    6. Now turn on the packet sniffer and send an email
    7. You will see a ton of information show up on the packet sniffer. If you have chosen a good packet sniffer you will be able to sort through the data better.
    8. Pay special attention to the destination address. If you have spyware you will see copies of your email being sent to an ip other than the ip of your SMTP server for your ISP. You will want to do reverse IP lookup on those IP to see which one is your ISP and which one is the spy software’s data capture server.
    9. Some spy software is programmed to only send data at various times so you may need to leave your phone connected to the new router’s WiFi for 24 hours to be sure you are not being spied on. During that time you can’t use your phone because it will create data traffic that may obscure the spy software’s data stream when it happens.

    Questions and Answers

    I am sure I’m being spied on, yet can’t prove it, can you help?

    People seem to know every where I go, and everything I say even in my vehicle. I have tried: Not much. counter surveillance. I think it was caused by: Revenge. Being done by some people

    It is very possible that somebody has installed spyware on your phone while you were not around. In order for it to be installed, the person or people that you suspect are spying on you would have had to have your phone in hand for at least thirty minutes while they installed a program like FlexISP, Highster Mobile, mSpy, iKeyMonitor, Spy Bubble or PhoneSheriff. These programs can track your location through GPS, remotely control the phone, block messages,access your passwords, record surroundings, listen in on your phone calls and intercept your calls. Removing your Sim card does not help in this case because the software has been secretly installed onto your phone itself.

    However, sometimes these programs leave behind a mysterious file installer file. This installer file is sometimes named right after the spying app such is the case with Mobistealth the file is named movistealthv2.apk. You can also look for hidden subdirectories, with the help of a cell-phone geek. These files might be identified as installer/, .radio or as .log.

    Another clue that this has happened is if you suspect that your phone has been jailbroken. All spying programs need access to your internet to work. You can stop the spying application immediately by upgrading its firmware, which has the effect of un-jailbreaking it.

    Finally, you’re phone may be trying to warn you that there is a problem by actually displaying a message warning of “superuser access” on your phone.


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Tidus0 writes… (

Our communications would be monitored but not directly. Specific terms etc would be what triggers a monitor of a user.

Pretty much.

Which means if you were discussing Tony Abbott and segued into “mate, the Rabbittos will absolutely slaughter the useless bastards from Manly-Warringah. Seriously they are gunna bomb mate, it will explode in their faces”* you’d be tagged and would have full logging and ASIO checking out the photos and your junk.

*Obviously talking about the rugby league match tonight – Rabbittos vs Sea Eagles and not someone making a terrorist threat against the Member for Warringah, Tony Abbott.

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