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Mick Raven

6th Dec 2015

As reported on the Latest ConspiracyOz Podcast, print screens of weather data – Mick Raven

Sunday 6th Dec 2015 (from my iphone)

Weather Data Phone

Weather 061215 week forecast

Weather 061215 week forecast2

Weather 061215 week forecast6a

Weather 061215 week forecast7

This occurred on all circled data programs – Mick Raven

Sydney Observatory

Meteorological readings
The Observatory published Australia’s first weather map in 1887. Weather readings were taken in the grounds of Sydney Observatory until 1917. The Bureau of Meteorology still takes readings nearby.

From 1866 the main thermometer was protected by a shade-house like the white lattice reconstruction on the front lawn. Rain gauges and other instruments were kept on the front lawn.

Sydney’s historic weather station: 150 meters makes all the difference

Here is an interesting story about the weather station in Sydney at the Astronomical Observatory (well sort of, it got bumped off). It seems the astronomers and meteorologists at the observatory got into a tug of war in 1912 over a cottage and the resulting move in 1917 ended up skewing the entire temperature record irreparably. First, here is a photo of what the observatory and grounds looked like “back in the day”. While I can’t be certain, the latticed canopy at the left may be where they had the early thermometer exposure. Early attempts at sheltering the thermometer from sunlight were often large affairs like this. It may also simply be a lounge area, but the design doesn’t look relevant for that.


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NASA’s Inconvenient Ruse: The Goddard Institute For Space Studies

The NASA insignia.

The next time you read that NASA declares this or that day, month or year the hottest since yadda, yadda, yadda — you might want to check the source. It’s a pretty safe bet that it came from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and probably quotes its director, James Hansen.

Hansen first gained worldwide attention in 1988 following testimony before then-Senator Al Gore’s Committee on Science, Technology and Space when he stated with 99 % certainty that temperatures had in fact increased, and that there had been some greenhouse warming, although he then made no direct connection between the two. This observation was consistent with concerns about a particularly warm summer that year in some U.S. regions.

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Rem, More Geo-Engineering (Chem Sprays) = more Wacky Weather = more Hot Air from the Fear Mongerers = more Geo-Engineering

ie Helgalian Dialectic – Problem, Reaction, Solution – Mick Raven




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  1. Rem this Story – Mick Raven

    Brilliant Comment to this Article! – Mick Raven


    4:42 PM on 24/09/2015

    There are quite a few reputable climate scientists that have questioned the methodology of the BOM. After all, all Abbott wanted to do was check that the BOM was producing reliable comment based on accurate science.

    I think the left-wing comments on this ABC page ought to face up to the reality that those of us on the right have a different take on the Labor Party’s policy on Climate Change.

    This hysterical reaction by many on the left of politics is laughable. How many of you are scientists? How many believe that Flannery is a scientist (or a good scientist)?

    Why does the left-wing media fail, even refuse, debate or report the other side? Why is it that scientists such as Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Jo Nova, Prof. Bob Carter or even the old bearded TV Guru Prof. David Bellamy are never debated on the ABC?

    How many of you think that Sen Wong’s oft quoted statement that “97% of the worlds climate scientist believe in climate change is real” is a scientific claim?

    How many of you believe that the UN ought to create a new world government to redistribute the wealth from the world’s advanced or First World economies to the Third World countries?


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