Massive Chem Spraying over Northern Sydney last Two Days – ConspiracyOz

Hi Ppls Pix of Chem Spraying over the Northern Beaches that my other half took plus some of mine today and yesterday. – Mick Raven

5th Dec 2015

Before 11.15am

IMG_1205 IMG_1208 IMG_1213

After 1.15pm

IMG_6947 IMG_6949 IMG_6954

6th Dec 2015

Pix by significant other at 12.28pm

IMG_1222 IMG_1242 IMG_1230

IMG_1248 IMG_1247 IMG_1229












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  1. Isn’t it unreal, some people see these lines, lines that will slowly spread out, be inhaled and filter through their respiratory system, they see these lines as normal and think nothing more of it or even better, so many don’t get their eyes skyward and see what goes on above. But it’s interesting to hear when walking down the street or in a shopping centre, how many people have that horrid, dry shitty cough…… Wakes wakey, we are being sprayed like bugs.
    I’ve just popped over to Gold Coast (from NZ) for xmas and surprise, surprise the filth of the skies, the chemtrails are there, little short bursts scattered around to look like cirrus cloud but it’s artificial cirrus, the nano particulates that mingle with moisture, can act as a desiccant. and are harmful all round.


    • If this is real ie we are being sprayed like insects, it pure evil! Today is Wednesday 30th December 2015 IN MELBOURNE and time is 12.39pm.

      If you look at the sky right now, you will see what appears to be the after effects of a CHEMTRAIL.

      Around the Sun is a grey cloud and its got a rainbow on the outside of the circle. The clouds have lots of line formations – it does not look natrual !!!!

      We need to take air and top surface of soil samples to see what the aftereffects are of this poison being sprayed into the air.


  2. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    Here ya go, another video showing results of material that should not be showing up in the rain. If its in the rain, its in your lungs, its in your body, its nano particulates, more or less invisible to your eye.


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