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Hi Ppls, my research into choosing a VPN. Did hours of research and came up with these links, enjoy!

ps. will be talking about this on todays Podcast, let me know via Skype, Email etc your experiences…we need to move on this NOW – Mick Raven


18th Oct 2015

The simple explanation about VPN software.

Security – that’s the short of it. People use VPNs to secure their data from unwanted viewers when browsing the Internet. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows computers or networks to connect to each other securely over the Internet. Traditionally, companies used VPNs to create secure, remote connections to an existing network, but many consumer users now utilise the technology to shield their personal data while exploring the Internet. While certain media providers may downplay it, there are many sensible other reasons why someone would want to use a VPN.

Here, we discuss VPN’s various uses and some companies that provide VPN services to Australians.

Compare VPN Services available to Australians

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Links – Mick Raven

The Top VPN Providers by Purpose 2015

VPN reviews and test – Internet – CHOICE

5 Best VPNs for Australia – October 2015 Update

Five Best VPN Service Providers | Lifehacker Australia

The Best VPN Service for Australia – Bittorrent VPN Guide

Beat Data Retention with Australian VPN Providers 2015

Top 5 Gaming VPN of 2015

If media companies do block VPN sites, you can build your own Personal Cloud VPN

4 ways to prevent a DNS leak when using VPN –

Australia mass spying laws come into force –

WARNING! Windows 10 VPN Users at Big Risk of DNS Leaks –

VPNs Are Old: Better Ways to Access Region-Blocked Video

Hola VPN busted for selling its users as botnet for hire

VPN and Other Services

Media Hint – Unblock the Web – Easy to Use Proxy – Providing high speed, unlimited bandwidth, multiple country VPN accounts for over 100,000 users. Since 1995 The Best VPN Service Provider with Fast, Secure VPN Access

Unblock-Us – smarter faster VPN

UnoTelly SmartDNS and VPN

GRC’s DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark



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