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Found this today in a local Sydney Paper…ew! – Mick Raven


7th Oct 2015

Blacktown Advocate 071015

Edible Bug Shop

Edible Bug Shop

Shark Tank Australia shows ideas are everywhere

Shark Tank Australia shows ideas are everywhere – it’s how you execute them that matters

Close to $4 million in deals will be struck on Australia’s Shark Tank but what stands out at this point in the series is how diverse the ideas are.

The show, which debuted on Channel Ten last week, included pitches for investment in everything from cricket eskies to edible bug flour.

It demonstrates ideas really are a dime a dozen and how you execute them is the important part.

The founder of Edible Bug Shop, Skye Blackburn, pitched the judges for $170,000 in return for 20% equity in her company which breeds edible insects.

The proposed deal at a valuation of $850,000 was something judges Steve Baxter and Andrew Banks couldn’t jump.

“I’m tempted but I’m not tempted at this valuation,” Banks said. “The valuation is the challenge. I’m out.”

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  1. Part of the Globalist Plan to get the Useless Eaters to consume Insects – Mick Raven


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