Look at the Chemtrails! Raising the Temps no doubt – ConspiracyOz

Had to report on this. Tuggeranong’s hottest day since records began? 1996 who are they kidding here.

Look at the Chemtrails in Canberra lol, wonder why its so Hot with all that Geo-Engineering going on.

Of course there is no writer for this story, computer generated no doubt. 

Don’t believe the Hype! – Mick Raven

ps. Remember ‘they’ sacked Ex PM Abbott just before he was about to investigate the Bureau of Meteorology  for fudging the Figures.

Temp Tugg Oct 2015

False reporting 32.2 not 32.7? mmm – Mick Raven

Tugg Loc Temp 2015

Local Weather Reporting more accurate? They got their info from B.O.M. lol – Mick Raven

Tugg Temp 2015

Not updated since August 2015, Fudging the Figures? – Mick Raven

Canberra experiences earliest 30C day, Tuggeranong has hottest October day since records began

Canberra Hottest lol


5th Oct 2015

Today is the earliest October day to surpass 30 degrees Celsius in Canberra since records began in 1939.

It reached 31.7C just after 3:00pm, the highest maximum temperature on record for this early in Spring.

Last year, the mercury only climbed above 30 degrees on October 31.

Tuggeranong also recorded 32.7C — its warmest October day since records began in 1996.

Read More www.abc.net.au

(if you can be bothered – Mick Raven)


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