Propaganda Fail! Another Murdoch Poll Backfires

Brilliant Article General! – Mick Raven

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Rupert Murdoch owned Daily Telegraph continues to push their Pro-Vaccine, Pro-GMO & Pro-Fluoride agenda and is failing miserably.

By General Maddox.

Back in April 2015 the Terrible Telegraph, better known as Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily Telegraph, published an article titled: Galaxy Poll: 86% of Australians want childhood vaccinations to be compulsory. Within the article the Telegraph conducted a poll of its own for its readers to vote fore or against compulsory childhood vaccinations. I wrote an article a day after the Telegraph published its piece highlighting the fact that their very own poll showed the exact opposite of what their article was saying. To put it simply, Telegraph readers did not want compulsory childhood vaccinations. Contradicting their own headline. See here.

The poll in their article has since been removed. Along with any evidence that may be contradicting their official narrative. With the exception of my screenshot saved…

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  1. Brilliant Article General! – Mick Raven


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